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Non-Cash Gifts

Jewish Voice World Impact Fund

Did you know that 90% of America’s wealth is in non-cash assets. We have launched a nationwide system for receiving non-cash gifts from our partners. We can now accept most non-cash gift items: cars, trucks, boats, yachts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, recreational vehicles, collectibles, works of arts, real estate, closely held stock, and business inventory. By clicking the Non-Cash Gift link below, partners are connected to the Servants Christian Community Foundation (SCCF) who will receive, market and sell the non cash asset behalf of JVMI. The proceeds of your gifts are deposited in our Jewish Voice World Impact Fund, which is administered by the SCCF. Partners may allocate their gifts to specific ministries of JVMI and we will apply the gift proceeds to the designated ministry or program as designated by the partner.

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