DSC_0055Last week 40 members of the B’nei Menashe Jewish community from India “came home” to Israel. The B’nei Menashe identify themselves as descendants from the tribe of Manasseh. As one of the ten “Lost Tribes of Israel” they are found in the northeastern state of Manipur, India. Thousands of B’nei Menashe are living in Israel already.

Reuniting in Israel

It was an emotional event last week as the new immigrants arrived. Some reunited with family whom they had not seen for years. One couple was engaged to be married when the young man made Aliyah in 2007. His betrothed was to follow in one of the next rounds but the Israeli government froze Aliyah from India and did not restart until 2012. Michael Freund, Chairman of Shavei Israel, the organization that “assists communities seeking to rediscover or renew their link with the Jewish People,” witnessed their reunion. "They were both very emotional," he said. "As he stood with her, he said to me he felt like the forefather Jacob who waited so long to marry Rachel."

Another 250 from India are expected to immigrate to Israel next month as part of the renewed Aliyah program. The B’nei Menashe were officially recognized as descendants of one of the “Lost Tribes” back in 2005 which then granted permission for their Aliyah.

What is Aliyah?

Aliyah is the immigration of the genetically Jewish to Israel from around the world. Within the hearts of Jewish People scattered throughout many nations worldwide is the longing to “go home.” Though most have never seen Israel, they consider it home. It is the homeland of their faith and their People. It is the Land God gave the Jewish People.

God’s Word says He will gather His People from the four corners of the earth and bring them back to Israel (Isaiah 11:12). He is fulfilling His promise right before our eyes. Freund described the moments of this particular Aliyah as, “an incredibly powerful experience, and it was a tangible reminder of the miracle that is the State of Israel.”

line (2)Loving the B’nei Menashe

As this latest group of B’nei Menashe arrive happily in Israel, we are reminded that Jewish Voice has loved and served these wonderful Jewish People in India for years through our medical missions. Offering free medical and dental care, we have helped tens of thousands of people.  Along with the medical care, patients and family receive an invitation to visit our prayer room. Here they receive compassionate prayer and the Good News of Yeshua. We have seen thousands come to a saving faith in Yeshua as their Messiah.

Participating in one of our medical missions is truly a rewarding and unforgettable experience. Check out our 2014 schedule of medical mission trips on the Medical Outreaches page of our website. These life-giving clinics are not possible without people like you, volunteering, praying, and supporting. Why not come with us on one of our upcoming outreaches?

Pray, plan, and come along! There’s a vital role waiting for you on any of our JVMI medical missions!


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