Prayers and Devotions for Passover Night Five passover night fivePassover is about remembering what God has done in the past, living with expectancy for what God is going to do today, and what He will do in the future.

Remember. God commands it often in Scripture. As we remember what He has done for us, we are strengthened by gratitude and the knowledge that He is our protector and provider.

Some milestone moments are related to the physical world, like we talked about yesterday. Others are landmarks in our spiritual lives, in our relationships with God. He is ever calling us into deeper fellowship with Him. He wants us to know Him because He loves us. He is intimately involved in our spiritual journey, and when we follow Him, we can look back on special challenges or needs around which He taught us something bigger than we could grasp before.

What about you? What are some of the times in your journey with God when He has helped you trust Him, shown you a specific Scripture right when you needed it, given you direction, or spoken His tremendous love for you straight into your heart? What kind of spiritual milestones do you have marking your path with God?

Take time today to reflect on these moments or seasons of your life when God met you in special ways. Add them to your list of “things to remember” – things that reveal God’s love and care for you. Let them strengthen your faith and inspire your praise of the One who gave His life so that you could know His love.

Thank You, Father, for loving me and taking me on this great journey with You. Thank You that You fully know me and that You meet me where I am with what I need.


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