Throughout the 11-year run of Recep Tayyip Erdogan as Prime Minister of Turkey, concerned observers have watched the nation drift away from being a member in good-standing with secular Europe, and ever closer to looking like a full-fledged Islamist dictatorship.

Recent local elections have served to solidify Erdogan’s iron grip on power in Turkey. Erdogan long ago reneged on his promises to deliver reforms that would make Turkey freer; instead, he has ruthlessly cracked down on antigovernment protests, severely constrained free speech and the press, and in recent weeks shut down Turkish citizens’ access to social media outlets like Twitter and YouTube.

In a recent essay in Commentary Magazine, Michael Rubin observed, “Today, Turkey is moving toward one-man rule. How ironic it is that as so many Arab regimes swept out strong-man dictatorships, Erdoğan seeks to have Turkey become one.” Turkey Israeli Flags MEU040314.jpg In another piece that appeared in a different issue of that same publication titled “Has Turkey Become Pakistan on the Med?,” Rubin noted, “When the Turkish government is knowingly allowing its territory to be used to support al-Qaeda-linked factions in Syria and when, indeed, it seems to be directly supplying such factions with arms, money, and material, then it has become a sponsor of terrorism as directly as Iran is with regard to Hezbollah, and Pakistan should be considered with regard to the Taliban.”

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when Turkey had friendly relations with Israel. Indeed both nations considered the other an ally. But no longer.

In a nationally televised speech in August of 2013, Erdogan actually accused Israel of being behind the coup that ousted Egypt’s President, Mohammed Morsi, of the Muslim Brotherhood.

These developments accelerate both the radical Islamification of Israel’s neighborhood and Israel’s general isolation in the world. All this in a season in which those governing Israel’s staunchest ally and most zealous defender—the United States—seem increasingly antagonistic and even outright hostile to her situation.

Of course, much of this is predictable in light of Bible prophecy. And a key part of our mission here at Jewish Voice is to keep you and others informed, enlightened, and encouraged as prophetic developments unfold. Another key part is combating the rising tide of anti-Semitism and the anti-Israel propaganda being spewed forth daily by the mainstream media.

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