Tasha* thought the tumor was going to kill her. You could see the fear in her eyes.

She had been to the doctor and they hadn’t been able to do anything to get rid of it. Her biggest worry was who would take care of her children because her husband had died.

That’s why Tasha was very emotional when she walked into our prayer tent during our Medical Outreach event in Zimbabwe.

As a Believer, Tasha knew prayer could make a difference and she desperately hoped it would. In the name of Jesus, our Outreach Partners prayed over her, specifically commanding the cancer cells leave her body in Jesus’ name and asking for complete healing.

Then Tasha put her hand on her stomach where the tumor had been and she said, “It’s gone!” Tasha’s fear and anxiety immediately changed to joy — she was healed!

Won’t you help make certain more people like Tasha receive the help and healing they need and the eternal hope they long for? If you can give a gift of any amount, we want to thank you by sending you the 12 Tribes Bracelet. It’s a wearable piece of art that represents the difference you are making through your support. And it can also serve as a reminder to pray that God’s people will open their hearts to accept Jesus.

Amid ongoing worldwide concerns about the impact of COVID-19, our commitment to being the hands and feet of Jesus never ceases. As His followers, we remain dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel, which brings hope for both eternity and today. Join us in caring for Jewish people who urgently need our help. There’s never been a more opportune time than right now!

*Names and photo have been changed to protect privacy.

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