Pray1-copy-2In response to a UN request, Israel has agreed to stop its airstrikes on Gaza from 10am – 3pm tomorrow allowing a “humanitarian window” for the transfer of relief supplies such as food and medical supplies into Gaza. Hamas has also agreed to cease firing during these five hours. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu warned, however, that “should the humanitarian window be exploited by Hamas or other terror organizations for the purpose of launching attacks against Israeli civilian or military targets, the IDF will respond firmly and decisively.”

In US time zones, the temporary ceasefire will be from Midnight – 5am PDT and 3am-8am EDT.

Please cover this time-frame with your prayers.

  • Pray that Hamas abides by their word and does not fire against Israel
  • Pray that there are no radical individuals on either side that act independently and thereby break this temporary truce
  • Pray for all humanitarian aid delivery personnel to remain safe throughout their work and that the tasks can be accomplished within the five hours
  • Pray also that the goods delivered end up in hands that will serve the people best

In other Operation Protective Edge news:

  • France has banned pro-Palestinian protests in some cites as a result of violence at recent gatherings
  • Israel laid to rest their first fatality of this latest confrontation between Israel and Gaza. Dror Chanin, a 37 year old father of three, was a volunteer bringing food to IDF troops at the Erez border, when he was struck and killed by Hamas rocket fire (Jerusalem Post)
  • The IDF Blog reports over 1350 rockets have been launched at Israel as of the end of Wednesday, July 16th. Those that hit Israel were 1,027 and about 265 were intercepted by the Iron Dome
  • The IDF has targeted over 1,872 terror targets in Gaza
  • One hundred rockets fired from Gaza have fallen within Gaza
  • President Obama reaffirmed Israel’s right to defend itself (Times of Israel)
  • Benjamin Netanyahu fired Israeli Foreign Minister Danny Danon over his harsh criticism of operation strategy amid the crisis

Please continue to pray fervently for peace in the Land and peace in the hearts of everyone in this battle.

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