It’s the one day each year that is dedicated to giving. On this single day, the world simultaneously joins together in reaching out. The global event is called Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday follows the two busiest shopping days of the year ‒ Black Friday and Cyber Monday – with a day of charitable giving.

This Giving Tuesday, what could be more meaningful than saving lives with the gift of clean drinking water?

Water-related disease is the leading cause of death worldwide each year. In many of the impoverished locations where Jewish Voice Ministries International conducts Medical Outreaches, people and animals have the same single source of water for drinking, cooking, and washing.

We know that clean drinking water and proper hygiene prevents the spread of disease. This isn’t widely understood in the villages where we serve. As part of our Medical Outreaches, JVMI provides Water Education classes that include hands-on instruction about the importance of washing hands and faces and how waterborne bacteria causes disease. They watch a demonstration of a lifesaving water filter and are amazed as they witness muddy water turn crystal clear. Each person then receives one of these personal LifeStraw® water filters, which provides them clean, drinkable water for up to a full year. The result: People are getting healthier because clean water saves lives.

LifeStraw® water filtration devices are simple to use and filter out 99.9% of bacteria, parasites, and viruses ‒ without electricity. For just $15, you can provide a year’s worth of safe, healthy drinking water to a Jewish person in a remote land through your gift to JVMI.

Change A LIFE for a year

Your $15 Giving Tuesday gift provides one Personal LifeStraw® to filter more than 260 gallons of water, enough for a full year.


Change A FAMILY for a year

Your $75 Giving Tuesday gift provides one Family LifeStraw® to filter more than 7,900 gallons of water, enough for a family of four for a full year.


Change A COMMUNITY for five years

Your $500 Giving Tuesday gift provides one Community LifeStraw® to filter 26,500 gallons of water, enough for an entire community for five years.


On this Giving Tuesday, join people worldwide who are uniting through the act of giving. Start your holiday season with a gift that gives life. Provide a person, a family or even a community the gift of clean water for Giving Tuesday.

Jewish Voice Ministries International | Giving Tuesday | Tuesday, November 27th


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