She doesn't know it, but her next drink could literally be the death of her. If only Naomi was not so terribly thirsty.

Maybe then she'd think twice before she dipped her plastic drinking cup into the reddish-brown mudhole at the edge of her village. But she can't. She won't. It's her village's primary water supply… and one of the few sources of water for miles around.

Naomi has no choice but to drink. Her thirst always wins.

Before long, she could be dreadfully sick. With cholera. Or intestinal parasites. And those are just two of the killers that lurk in the water.

In fact, waterborne diseases are still the No. 1 killer of children under 5 years old around the world each year. In Naomi's village and in places throughout Africa — where a tiny and impoverished remnant of the "Lost Tribes of Israel" has been practicing distinctly Jewish customs and traditions for centuries — these diseases take an especially deadly toll.

But the children don't have to keep dying.

Your gift to Jewish Voice today can provide clean, safe, life-giving drinking water for a child like Naomi — or another Jewish person who may not survive without it.

The secret is a simple, yet powerfully effective device called a LifeStraw.

An almost miraculous solution

You may have read what I've written about LifeStraw filters in the past. If so, you know they are remarkable water filtration devices. A LifeStraw is portable. And inexpensive. It removes 99.9% of the bacteria, parasites and other contaminants in the water.

In other words, a LifeStraw removes virtually all disease-causing elements and turns dangerous, potentially deadly, drinking water into pure, safe, healthy water!

A Personal LifeStraw, designed for use by one person, can filter hundreds of gallons of drinking water. A larger Family LifeStraw can filter thousands of gallons — and all without batteries or electricity.

Your gift of a LifeStraw filter could literally save a life

You see, the heartbreaking choice that Naomi faces is the same choice that child after child among the "Lost Tribes of Israel" has to face every day. In places like Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and any of the other impoverished "Lost Tribes" communities around the world.

The adults in these communities are suffering too. All this suffering must break God's heart. He designed water to give life and health, not to deliver death and sickness.

But an appalling number of both the children and adults we reach through our Medical Clinics are sick with waterborne diseases. They are suffering terribly… needlessly. It could all be prevented.

One of the best gifts you can give to these precious sons and daughters of Abraham is the life-saving gift of pure, clean drinking water.

And that's exactly what you will give them when you help provide one or more LifeStraw filters today.

Considering the potentially life-saving benefits they provide, the cost of these LifeStraw filters is incredibly low — just $15 for a Personal LifeStraw, or $75 for a Family LifeStraw.

What this means is…

  • With your gift of $30 today, you can provide pure, safe drinking water for 2 children like Naomi — or 2 adults — for 1 year
  • Your gift of $75 will provide 1 year of clean water for up to 5 precious souls who cannot survive without it
  • Your very generous gift of $150 will provide 10 Personal or 2 Family LifeStraws and, potentially, save the lives of 10 of God's chosen people

But this is only the beginning. Because, in addition to providing LifeStraw filters, Jewish Voice provides critically needed education on the dangers of unclean water and the need for basic hygiene.

Enabled by your support, we also provide Jewish people and their neighbors in remote areas with medical, dental and eye care.

And most important, we share the Good News of Yeshua "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile" (Romans 1:16, NIV).

Won't you help make all this possible?

The only way we can provide this truly life-saving care is through the compassion of our generous supporters — you and other friends and partners.

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