Something was wrong.

Bethlehem* had walked 8 miles from her home in a village in Ethiopia to our Medical Outreach. She stood in line with her baby, in the heat, waiting to be seen.

Then, right as she walked into our medical tent, the attack began.

Her eyes started to roll back in her head. The baby in her arms was screaming.

Thankfully, one of our Outreach Partners was right there to hold her baby because Bethlehem was having a severe asthma attack. She was gasping for breath.

God brought her to our medical team at just the right time.

And because of your support, our compassionate friends, Bethlehem got the help she needed. Our team responded immediately with an inhaler to help her breathe normally again.

Then one of our doctors examined her and got her a supply of inhalers to take back home. As a young mother, Bethlehem must be healthy to take care of her baby and help provide for her family.

Your partnership makes all of the difference in situations like this at our Medical Outreaches. And you not only help with medical needs, you provide opportunities for Jewish people and their neighbors to hear and respond to the Gospel.

I’m writing to ask you to give again today. You can bless people in need out of the blessings you’ve been given.

Our Outreaches are about ministering to people’s spiritual needs as well as their physical issues. This includes many divine appointments to pray for men, women and children and then witness God bringing miraculous healing -- from broken bones, tumors, blindness and more!

What a blessing! Thank you for the important role you play in this life-changing, even life-saving, work!

Last year, of the 90,733 patients we served at our Medical Outreaches, 10,412 requested prayer, with 754 then professing new faith in Jesus.

And we also witnessed 318 events that we could only describe as healing miracles or deliverances— clear evidence God was present and active in our midst!

Many of these people walked for miles seeking help — just like Bethlehem.

This reminds me of the Jewish festival of Shavuot, which begins at sunset on May 28. It’s one of three pilgrimage Feasts commanded by God in which all Jewish men were required to travel to Jerusalem to present their sacrifices to the priests to take before the Lord. They often traveled great distances for the festival to bring the first fruits of their harvest to the Lord and give thanks for His provision.

I’m inviting you to give the first fruits of your harvest out of your thankfulness to God — and when you give, the lives of people like Bethlehem will be changed!

And for your gift of any amount, I’d like to send you our new Genesis 12:3 Bookmark.

With the encouraging promise from God, “I will bless those who bless you” cut into the sturdy gold colored metal, you’ll be reminded of the difference you’re making through your partnership each time you use it.

If you haven’t before, I would encourage you to delve a little deeper into Shavuot. Your faith will be greatly enriched!

A biblical holiday like Shavuot is also a wonderful time to pray for Jewish people in Israel and around the world to come to know the Messiah. Pray with me that as they celebrate this important day, God will open hearts and minds to the truth.

The ministry of Jewish Voice — made possible with your partnership — serves Jewish people around the world in many important ways.

As a follower of Jesus, I am always most excited about the ways God reveals Himself to bring people to hear and accept the Good News. Especially when my Jewish people accept Him as their Messiah!

And we have a long history of success in sharing Jesus with Jewish people. As Jewish Believers, we understand the questions, challenges and hurdles a Jewish person must overcome to accept Jesus.

But while we understand the need, and the way to effectively present the message to Jewish people, we can’t make it happen without your help.

That’s why I’m asking for your support today — both in prayer and financially. Your gift in honor of Shavuot will help meet important physical needs through our Medical Outreaches. And, most importantly, share the Good News, inviting God’s people back to Him.

And for your gift of any amount, I’d like to send you our new Genesis 12:3 Bookmark.

So, as you are able to give, please accept this gift with my deepest thanks for helping to share Jesus with Jewish people who need to meet their Messiah.

I know that’s the reason you give and the best reward we could ask for -- precious souls being added to the Kingdom of God!

Thank you for giving generously out of your thankfulness for God’s provision. May you know His joy and peace as you reflect on how He has blessed you this Shavuot!

*Names and photo have been changed to protect privacy.

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