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Many of you have followed the story of injustice pertaining to a collection of artifacts known as the Iraqi Jewish Archive. You have rallied your support for the rightful return of these historical items to the Jewish People from whom they were stolen.

Our collective voices have been heard and they have bought some time. The government of Iraq has granted an extension allowing the Iraqi Jewish Archive exhibit to remain in the United States a while longer. But justice has yet to be won.

The archive represents the millennia-old history of the Jewish People in Iraq – a People who were ultimately driven out of Iraq by persecution, violence, and murder. They were forced to surrender and leave behind their possessions which were later looted by Saddam Hussein. Discovered in 2003 by Coalition forces, the archive was rotting in the flooded basement of Iraq’s military police. The artifacts were taken to the US for restoration and preservation under an agreement for their return to Iraq in June of 2014.

The extension granted permits the archive to stay in the US a while longer. While it seems to calm immediate concerns, the real issue remains unresolved – the issue of rightful ownership.


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Our work is not finished! 

The ultimate problem has not been solved, only postponed. We must still speak up for the Iraqi Jewish People, now scattered throughout the world, and continue to fight for the return of their rightful property. If you have not signed the petition yet, please sign today and help us keep this matter before the US State Department. 

With Anti-Semitism on the rise across the country and around the world, we cannot afford to let this injustice fade quietly away.

Together we can stand up for what is right!

We need your help to continue the fight and keep spreading the word!

To learn more about and see photos of the Iraqi Jewish Archive, visit our website at RescueJewishProperty.org where you can also add your name to our petition.

The battle is not over yet.  It has only been given an extension. Please sign the petition today.

Want to do MORE?

This is not over yet! Help us get the word out! Forward this information to your friends, share it on your social media platforms, and talk to your congregation, colleagues, and friends. Send people to RescueJewishProperty.org and encourage them to sign the petition!

To learn more about the ministries of Jewish Voice Ministries, visit our website at JewishVoice.org.


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