It is with deep sadness that we share news of the passing of Madelaine “Maddy” Lindvall, beloved member of the Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI) family, on September 3, 2018. Maddy was a dedicated employee of the ministry back when it was called Jewish Voice Broadcasts. She was also a personal friend of founder Louis Kaplan and his wife, Chira, as well as to JVMI CEO Jonathan Bernis.

“Without Maddy, this ministry might not be here today,” Jonathan reflected upon hearing the news. “She and her late husband Bill labored tirelessly to grow this ministry. A great prayer warrior, she prayed us through many a crisis and on to victory.”

“She was Chira’s closest friend,” Jonathan added, “and walked with her through some of the darkest days following Louis’ stroke.” In 1997, Maddy was with the Kaplans on their way to meet Jonathan in Riga, Latvia, and to attend an outreach festival sponsored by Jonathan’s then-organization, Hear O’ Israel Ministries. It was during a stopover in Chira’s native Finland that Louis suffered a devastating stroke. Maddy stayed with Chira through that first traumatic week, praying daily in the hospital over Brother Kaplan before going on to Riga to report on the festival for Jewish Voice Broadcasts.

When Louis passed away in 1998 as a result of complications of the stroke, Maddy provided much-needed support to both Chira and the ministry. Through prayer and her deep understanding of the vision and heart of Jewish Voice Broadcasts, she was convinced that Jonathan Bernis was God’s choice to succeed Brother Kaplan in leadership. “Maddy walked with me through some challenging days after I transitioned into leadership,” Jonathan said, “and I am forever grateful for her.”

Maddy served on the Board of Directors of Jewish Voice Broadcasts for several years in the 1970s. She joined the Board again in 1988, and her tenure spanned well beyond the years of transition when Jewish Voice Broadcasts merged with Hear O’ Israel Ministries. Upon her retirement from JVMI’s Board of Directors in 2014, Maddy was awarded the title of Board Member Emeritus for her decades of dedication and contributions to the ministry.

Maddy Lindvall’s love for the Jewish people was evident and overflowing. She remained an On-site Prayer Partner until 2012, regularly coming to JVMI offices to pray for the ministry and Jewish people everywhere. Even in her last few years of declining health, she was visibly energized when visitors mentioned the Jewish people, Jewish Voice or Jonathan Bernis. Such conversations often led her into impromptu and heartfelt prayer.

It has been a privilege for all who knew her through JVMI to minister alongside such a faithful servant of the Lord. Maddy Lindvall leaves a legacy of fervent love for the Jewish people, faith-filled prayer, and a life spent in dedicated service to see all Israel saved. She will be dearly missed.

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