DSC_0149Diane freely admits the last place she wanted to work was the Nurses Station. A Family Nurse Practitioner, she had spent the first three days of the 2013 Addis Ababa medical mission working in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. A bright and faithful woman, she loved serving the desperately poor women of the community. When Thursday came and she was re-assigned to help in the Nurses Station, she quickly overcame disappointment with willing surrender, saying, “Okay,, Lord, wherever You want me.” She, and her treasured wooden necklace with a favorite, sustaining Scripture verse on it, headed downstairs.

DSC_0136-2-smInside the tiny nursing room, staff got wind that a teenage girl had fainted in the line. They brought her in and could see why. Clothed in heavy garments from head to toe, standing outside in the hot equatorial sun was too much. They learned she was a refugee from Somalia. It was clear by her clothing that she was also Muslim. As Diane began attending to her, the girl took her hand – and never let go.

Everything Diane did for her had to be done with one hand. “She never, never let go of my hand,” Diane remembers with a broad smile. All the way to the bathroom, all the way to the pharmacy, she clung to Diane’s hand.

After the pharmacy, Diane escorted her to the Prayer Room, their hands still joined. A JVMI team member and translator shared the love and sacrifice of Yeshua (Jesus) with her and our little Somalian refugee girl gave her life to Messiah Yeshua. A smile filled her face.

She was afraid of her family, DSC_0356-2though. They would be angry if they knew of her new faith in Yeshua. She could even be in danger. Diane assured her that for her safety it could be just between her and God. Diane’s treasured necklace, encouraging her to not be afraid because God is with her, now belongs to a shy and sweet refugee girl. A girl who knows Yeshua, the Prince of Peace. “It wasn’t me she didn’t want to let go of,” Diane says. “It was Jesus in me.”

We are headed back to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia next week.  Join us in praying for our team of volunteers and staff as well as the many people they will be loving and serving. Check out our 2014 schedule of medical mission trips on the Medical Outreaches page of our website. Why not come with us on one of our upcoming outreaches? Pray, plan, and come along! There’s a vital role waiting for you on any of our JVMI medical missions!

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