It’s one of the most controversial topics of world politics. And one of the most important.

The Middle East conflict: So complicated, who can understand it all?

Jewish Voice Ministries International is pleased to announce the latest book by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis:

A Lasting Peace

Finally, there’s an easy-to-understand overview that sorts out the complexities of issues in the Middle East. A Lasting Peace offers you a simple overview of the history, key players and why the matter is relevant to you, now more than ever.

A Lasting Peace will give you a clear understanding of the Middle East conflict as it outlines:

  • The spiritual roots of the strife
  • The history surrounding the conflict, from ancient days to current events
  • The truth about the Palestinian refugee situation
  • Biases behind Israel’s struggle with the United Nations
  • The impact of U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
  • Why past treatment of the Jewish people is pertinent to you today
  • A clear defense for why the Jewish people have a divine right to the Land known today as Israel

The book will also help you better understand:

  • The Arab war against Christians
  • The nation-by-nation involvement of Arab countries and how each affects Israel
  • The Arab claim that, without the Jewish people, there would be peace in the Middle East
  • Russia’s recent intrusion into the conflict
  • Various terrorist groups targeting Israel, including Hezbollah, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIS
  • How you can pray and prepare for what may be ahead

The Middle East is a hotbed of hostility with Israel in the crosshairs.

And there is a growing but uninformed animosity toward Israel that is spreading throughout the world today.

Grasping the full picture of the Middle East conflict is more important now than ever. Get started right away with our gift to you: a free chapter from Jonathan’s new book, A Lasting Peace.


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