It was one of the worst cases our medical team had ever seen.

During a recent Medical Outreach to the Lemba people in Mudanda, Zimbabwe, a woman was brought to the Clinic. Her entire body was covered with sores. She was so sick she couldn’t walk. 

Her eyes were lifeless and gray. And she seemed completely unresponsive – except when she moved or rolled over, which would cause her to scream in pain!

On her first day with us, we prayed for her, and our nurses began to clean her sores. Her condition was so bad, we asked her to come back to the Clinic each day to have her sores cleaned. So each day she returned for more care. And each day we prayed for her.

At the end of the week, her husband came to the Clinic and asked what we had been doing to his wife.



He wanted to know because, for the first time in many years, his wife was smiling.

While she was not completely healed, by the end of her treatment she had color back in her once-lifeless skin and eyes. AND she had regained her smile! 

Best of all, both the woman and her husband gave their lives to the Lord!

Precious lives transformed

This story illustrates so beautifully why I believe the Lord has called Jewish Voice Ministries to reach out with compassion to Jewish people and their neighbors.

The story also shows why it’s so important that you stand with us now to bring Jewish people physical healing AND an introduction to the Messiah who loves them and wants them to be healed and saved!

But key to accepting His call to care for Jewish people in need is going where they are.

That’s why Jewish Voice ministers to the Lemba people of Zimbabwe through our Medical Clinics. The Lemba claim to be one of the “Lost Tribes of Israel” – direct descendants of the ancient Levites. And DNA testing has now confirmed their claim.

As with all our other Medical Clinics, we provide the Lemba with:

  • Medical care for people who have little or no access to doctors
  • Dental care to alleviate pain and save lives threatened by infections
  • Eye care for those who are blind or have limited sight, giving them back their vision by treating cataracts, trachoma and vitamin A deficiency. We also provide free eyeglasses.

Thanks to you and other partners, injury and disease are being treated, eyesight restored and lives saved – all free of charge and in the name of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.

Share new life when you give now

But even more important, we’ll invite people to our Prayer Tent, where they’ll be prayed for, and given the opportunity to hear about Jesus and His offer of eternal salvation

Of the more than 60,000 patients we served through our Medical Clinics last year, more than 12,000 requested prayer. More than 1,600professed new faith in Yeshua! 

That’s 1,600 people in just one year who have met and accepted Yeshua, and are now assured of an eternity with Him, because of your partnership with Jewish Voice!

 It’s both our hope and expectation that, with your wonderful partnership, our next outreach to the Lemba this July will have equally exciting results.

But, as always, your generous support will be key to providing the healing love of Yeshua.

Your gift right now is critical

With your gift now, you’ll reach Jewish people from the Lemba community with physical and spiritual care, and an opportunity to hear a clear proclamation of the Good News of Yeshua. 

The Lemba Clinic is coming up quickly, so serious planning is already underway. There’s so much to do. And many expenses ahead.

We expect to find a great need for medical services, of course, but also real desperation for the hope that only the Gospel can provide.

That’s why we need you to stand with us now so that we can move forward with the purchase of medical supplies, transportation and more.

So I hope you’ll give generously to this upcoming Medical Outreach to the Lemba people in Zimbabwe. Your support, as well as that of many other caring people, is essential.

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