We traveled around Israel for a week and treated patients in various cities throughout the country.

This was Jewish Voice’s second time this year handling an Eye Clinic (the first one was in July). Eye exams were carried out and glasses were distributed to 421 Holocaust survivors. Roughly 35% of the patients we treated were prescribed glasses which will be made for them in the US and mailed in the near future.

Each patient received from the Eye Clinic:

One pair of glasses, a cloth glasses case and each one was offered to take home a gospel focused book.

No matter how much we prepared, the week was filled with unexpected situations; all of which worked out for the best and actually added action to our week J God really had everything worked out. One of the unexpected situations led us to partner with The Bram Center, which is a Messianic Judaism teaching center in Jerusalem. The center has a library with traditional Jewish texts in many languages, which includes the New Testament. These Holocaust Survivors, the vast majority of which are not believers, had close contact to materials about Yeshua. They felt very welcome at the center, and some even returned a few days later. It’s ideal that non-believers now know about this center and feel welcome there. We will definitely partner again with The Bram Center for future events with the Holocaust Survivors.  

I am thankful that everyone was pleased all around and that we had a successful Eye Clinic week. 

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