Hope in the God Who Guides | Day 2

You in Your lovingkindness
led the people You have redeemed.
You guided them in Your strength to Your holy habitation.

Exodus 15:13 (TLV)

When I was a little girl, we took a cross-country trip from Arizona to New England. My dad brought a big United States atlas and used a yellow highlighter to mark our route from state to state to state, all the way to my cousin’s hometown in Massachusetts. I loved tracing my finger along the route, even though all the different place names, roads, and symbols were confusing. I was also very aware that I had never been to these places before. However, my father knew the way and we ended up at my cousin’s home and eventually returned safely back home.

In Exodus we see our Heavenly Father’s attentive care and guidance for His children as He led them on their cross-country journey through the wilderness. They truly were in uncharted territory and it must have been daunting. They didn’t have a map with highlights, but He instead gave them supernatural direction through the cloud by day and the pillar by night. He even tailormade the route just for them. As Creator, He had expert knowledge of the terrain, the dangers and circumstances, and the human frailty of their own possible responses. Now, He offers guidance for us, His children – guidance for today and all the way home.

Where in the Word: Exodus 13:17–22

Finding Hope:

  • PONDER: How are you sensing the Lord’s guidance, both in this story from God’s Word, and in your own unfolding story right now?
  • PRAY: Put your thoughts and concerns about the pathway ahead of you into prayer. Ask Him to show you the way.
  • RESPOND: When the children of Israel saw the pillar of fire or the cloud move, they had to respond and move too; or be left behind. Other times they just needed to stay put. Is there some guidance or direction the Lord is giving you that you need to act on?

Something more to think about with God: Isaiah 42:16

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