Hope in God Who Provides Me with Rest | Day 5

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest,” He answered.

Exodus 33:14 (TLV)

When the children of Israel were slaves of Pharaoh, there was no rest. However, the Lord graciously brought His people into the practice of Shabbat, and even prioritized it as one of the Ten Words (Ten Commandments). It was a day of sabbath rest to remind them He, as Creator of the world, rested after His work. Because He delivered them and provided for them, they were now able to trust and honor Him with their day off. It was to be a special sign between them and Adonai that they were dependent on Him, set apart for Him, and could rest in Him.

The sacred rhythm of Shabbat calls across the centuries, inviting us to remember and honor our Creator and look forward to the full realization of the Messianic Kingdom. Observing a time of rest and restoration each week is an act of faith, an admittance that our own efforts will never be enough. Shabbat is a weekly re-set that reorients our perspective and reminds us He is the center of our stories and the source of our hope.

Where in the Word: Exodus 16:29–30; 20:8–11

Finding hope:

  • PONDER: What is draining you in this season? Take time to journal and process. Do you have a weekly rhythm of rest that honors God as Creator and enables you to experience renewal?
  • PRAY: Spend some time with God, not asking, not telling, but just being with Him and enjoying Him. What might this time reveal to you about rest; and about your need for rest?
  • RESPOND: From a place of trust and gratitude, block out a weekly “date” with God to enjoy spending time with Him in fellowship and re-creation.

A TIMELY NOTE: In this season of self-isolation, what are you doing if you have extra time on your hands?  How can you be sure that some of that time is intentionally invested in your relationship with God, so you can experience rest and renewal and not just distraction?

Some more to talk with God about: Mark 6:31; Mark 2:27; Matthew 11:28

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