Hope in God's Purposes Even in Hard Times | Day 6

So Adonai said to him, “What is that in your hand?”

“A staff,” he said.

Exodus 4:2 (TLV)

Shiphra and Puah were Hebrew midwives who defied a cruel and powerful despot out of fear of God and avoided a genocide of Hebrew babies. Bezalel and Oholiab were called out of their usual work into leadership and execution of God’s blueprint for the tabernacle. And Moses was drawn out of the water and into the palace; banished to the desert; and then raised up to lead the people of God. Exodus 4:2 and the subsequent accounts of miracles show how God started with Moses where he was and with what he had. Exodus has amazing accounts of ordinary people in their everyday lives being singled out for the purposes of God.

Each of these individuals and others suffered hardships and obstacles in order to live out their God-given destiny for His glory and the benefit of others. We may not be convicted to take on a risk as dangerous as the two brave midwives, a project as immense as the tabernacle, nor a stewardship as vast as Moses’. But we too are called to God’s purposes in hard times and challenging assignments. The same God who protected baby Moses, invited mortals to prepare a dwelling place for His Presence, and led His people through dreary days and awe-inspiring miracles has made you for His purposes today. The way that we listen, respond moment by moment, lay aside our own agendas and place our hope in Him is what will determine our partnership with Him and His purposes, both in this time and over our lifetime.

Where in the Word: Exodus 1:15–21; 31:1–6; 4:1–5

Finding Hope:

  • PONDER: Moses was called to the desert for 40 years to herd sheep, which turned out to be excellent preparation for leading God’s people through the wilderness! How may God be using the things in your life right now to develop your character and calling? Be specific; and thank Him.
  • PRAY: Acknowledge and offer to the Lord any questions, discouragement or uncertainty you may have about where you are in your life circumstances right now. Allow Him to renew your hope in Him and the things you can’t yet see.
  • RESPOND: Read the three Scripture accounts above. Which do you relate to most? Journal how the Lord might be asking you to respond in your own life.

Something more to talk about with God: Philippians 2:1–18


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