Hope in Knowing He Hears Our Cry | Day 1

From Exodus 3:7: I have heard their cry . . .

There’s a popular worship song that is encouraging so many of us with reminders that God is the One who makes a way as He works miracles and keeps His promises. One of my favorite lines in the song underscores that this is happening even when I am not aware of it.

The song could have been written as an encouragement to the children of Israel in captivity. They were crying out to the Lord for deliverance, even when they had no evidence that He was hearing their cries in the very hardest of times. Still they kept faith, even though they couldn’t see that He was preparing to deliver them, and preparing His human instrument, Moses, whom He would use to do it. The Lord was listening and ready to move on their behalf in response to their cries. What an attentive and gracious Deliverer! He is attentive to your cries too.

Where in the Word: Exodus 3:7–10

Finding hope:

  • PONDER: What do I read about God in this passage that gives me hope?
  • PRAY: How can this recharge my prayers as I call on the God who hears the cries of His people? Pray now . . .
  • RESPOND: Moses had to act in ways that were outside his expectations and comfort zone. How might God be calling me to participate in what He is doing in my life and world? Include prayers and acts of service for others who are crying out at this time.

Something more to think about with God: Romans 8:24–27

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