Hope Through Pursuing the God Who Draws Near | Day 7

“Have them make a Sanctuary for Me, so that I may dwell among them."

Exodus 25:8 (TLV)

From the garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem, the Lord shows us over and over how much He desires to make Himself known to us and dwell or be with us. Consider His appearing to Moses in the burning bush, revealing His attributes and righteousness on Mount Sinai, and the detailed construction of the Tabernacle which foreshadowed Yeshua’s life on earth when he was among us. These are some of the examples of God’s pursuit of His people in Exodus through presenting Himself, giving revelation of Himself, and making ways for His people to encounter Him.

Moses understood the importance of living in ongoing awareness of God’s presence. He pressed into knowing Him intimately and wouldn’t risk the well-being of himself or the children of Israel by making a move apart from Him. God pursued Moses and Moses pursued God. He met with the Lord daily to worship and ask for guidance and pray for the people and issues he had been given stewardship over. He knew he couldn’t go it alone and was faithful to seek God and His presence in prayer. As Believers in Yeshua we now have His presence indwelling us personally. He could not be any nearer! What a miracle! What an amazing relationship to appreciate and cultivate.

Where in the Word: Exodus 33:13–18; 34:5–8

Finding Hope:

  • PONDER: God’s instructions for building the Tabernacle are specific and detailed. How attentive might He be to building His relationship with you? And how do things look from your end? What are some of the ways you are purposefully pursuing Him?
  • PRAY: Ask the Lord to fill you with awe and wonder at His pursuit of you and of His indwelling Spirit within you.
  • RESPOND:  Do a simple study on the Tabernacle, especially the way the structure and furnishings speak about Yeshua and our relationship with God. How might this awareness move from your head to your heart?

Some more to talk to God about: John 14:1–3; Ephesians 3:17; Revelation 21:3

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