Palestinians fire rockets from Gaza to Israel. Israel's Operation Protective Edge, July 2014

Egypt is calling for both Israel and Palestinians to commit to a cease fire beginning Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. (that would be 11pm PDT and 2am EDT). Neither side has yet agreed. The Israeli cabinet will meet to discuss it Tuesday morning. Neither side is coming close to meeting the other’s demands to secure an end to the attacks. Israel expects Hamas to remove all rockets from the Gaza Strip and close up their tunnels running into Israel. Hamas demands the release 56 prisoners formerly released in a 2011 trade but recently rearrested, the Egypt border crossing be reopened, and that “the salaries of 40,000 former Hamas employees be transferred to the Gaza Strip.” An article in The Times of Israel notes that the demands of each side are unrealistic.

The roots of the Middle East conflict run deep with little likelihood of a real and lasting peace in this age. The reason is that it is a spiritual battle. Israel’s enemy is not merely the Palestinian community, or the Arab/Muslim world community. Israel is a nation of God’s Chosen People. Their enemy is the ultimate enemy of God Himself. If there is one thing the devil believes he can do to thwart God’s plans and change the End Times’ scenario already foretold by God, it is to destroy Israel. Given the behind-the-scenes picture of this spiritual war, is it any wonder that Jewish People have been targeted over and over again throughout history? Is it any surprise that the tiny nation of Israel (about the size of New Jersey), amid a vast sea of Arab nations, is targeted as an intolerable “problem” to these surrounding countries? It is utterly illogical and totally unreasonable, but in the big picture, given their ultimate enemy, it is to be expected. Unfortunately.

Bible prophecy warns us that there will be a day when the entire world will stand against Israel. However, Israel remains God’s Chosen People. His covenant with them is everlasting, forever. He does not change. He does not lie. He does not break His promises.

So how can we rightly pray for the peace of Jerusalem as Scripture instructs us to do? We must start by asking ourselves what peace doe s Israel need. What peace does anyone need?

We need the peace that Yeshua (Jesus) gives. Worldly peace is a good thing, but the peace Yeshua gives is eternal and supernatural, transcending chaotic circumstances and earthly dangers. This peace comes to individuals through a personal relationship with Yeshua as Messiah. Every heart on earth needs this. Only this will bring earthly peace as well.

  • Pray for the peace of Yeshua to become known to all men, all persons including Israelis and Palestinians
  • Pray that the hearts of terrorists will grow weary of their own hatred and crave a God of love rather than war
  • Pray that Israel’s secular citizens will long for a relationship with the God of their forefathers
  • As always, pray for the safety of Israel’s most vulnerable: the children, the elderly, and those without support or family. Pray also for the Palestinians enduring Israel’s airstrikes. Pray for those being sacrificed as human shields to protect terrorist weaponry. Their enemy is not Israel. Although they may not be aware of it, their enemy is the devil, and he has deceived them and their leaders and rallied support for what is evil rather than good
  • Pray for peace. Pray for Yeshua to make Himself known to Israel's people and Palestinians alike. Pray that all will turn and see Him

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