Israel damage from Gaza rocket strike An IDF soldier inspects damage to a home in Israel after a Gaza rocket strike. Palestinians in Gaza began this latest round of conflict last week and have since fired nearly 700 hundred rockets into Israel. Operation Protective Edge, July 2014

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously called for a de-escalation of the situation between Israelis and Palestinians. Gaza’s rocket fire into Israel and Israel’s responding airstrikes in Gaza have caused much damage with many civilian casualties, mainly in Gaza.

The council is seriously concerned about the “protection and welfare of civilians on both sides,” according to The Times of Israel and wants to see a return to the ceasefire agreement made in 2012. The UN urges Israel and the Palestinians to return to negotiations for “a comprehensive peace agreement based on the two-state solution.”

Meanwhile, as reported in a different  article by The Times of Israel, Palestinians are discussing with their international supporters the drafting of a UN resolution, the initial draft of which expresses concern over the consequences of Israel’s airstrikes on the Gaza region but fails to mention anything about hundreds of Hamas rockets fired from civilian settings in Gaza into civilian settings in Israel.

The Palestinian drafted U.N. resolution would call for “an immediate, durable and fully respected cease-fire.”  Yes! We want the tragic loss of life to end. We want the fighting to stop, and the reign of peace in the Middle East.

However, we must ask the question:  With the Islamic concepts of taqiyya and hudne, can there ever be a durable and fully respected cease-fire?  Taqiyya, according to Erick Stakelback on our Jewish Voice LIVE WEBCAST from April 20141, allows Muslims to lie to non-Muslims to advance the cause of Islam. Hudne allows Muslims to make peace treaties and later break them. Both of these actions of deceit and betrayal are approved by the Islamic god Allah, and one can imagine they are not only encouraged but highly praised within Islam and among Jihadists. How can any agreement be trusted when one party believes it is noble to lie to and deceive the other and to betray any agreements made with them?

An article in The New York Times notes the lengths to which Israel is going to avoid civilian casualties. Israel is using telephone calls and leaflets to advise civilians of attacks, while the Palestinians are encouraging – successfully – their citizens to present themselves as human shields. The article reports one instance where casualties and deaths incurred after an Israeli airstrike were due to people waiting too long to leave, ignoring the warnings, or instead, even going to the rooftop in an attempt to stop the bombing. For these kinds of Palestinian casualties, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu places the blame squarely on Palestinian shoulders. (The Times of Israel)

Pray1-copy-2All of this news and insight shows the great need of prayer for this situation. Clearly, there are victims on both sides. Not just physical victims, but spiritual victims as well. Please continue praying for peace in Israel and for the people on each side who are suffering loss. Pray for wisdom for Israel’s leaders, and wisdom for world leaders speaking into this matter. Pray also for the spiritual aspect of this newest Middle East crisis, that God’s truth would break forth into the hearts and minds of everyone involved.


1Jewish Voice LIVE Webcast, April 2014, at approximately the 35:50 -38:30 time marks.

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