We thought this simple yet detailed map of Israel would be helpful for you to refer to when reading and watching news reports on “Operation Protective Edge” during this conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. In it you will see the Gaza Strip and many of the Israeli cities upon which Hamas and Jihad terrorists are firing.

Israel Map by World Atlas/Graphic Maps. Used with permission.

Here is some interesting information about Israel and the countries that comprise the Arab nations who have declared themselves to be her enemies. These Arab nations include most of North Africa and all of Israel’s surrounding nations including Iran.

Israel land and Arab nation land

  • Israel is 8,019 square miles of land
  • Arab nations have 5.7 million square miles of land
  • Israel’s land compares to Arab land about like the state of Connecticut compares to the entire continental US, if Connecticut was a little smaller
  • Arab land is over 700 times greater than Israel’s land
  • The population density of Israel is 975 people per square mile
  • The population density of Arab nations is 78 people per square mile

YET Arabs have continued to refuse to assimilate the “Palestinian refugees” into their countries, preferring instead to let them suffer in poverty and be used as leverage for their demands of more land.

Israel and Gaza - how big are they?

  • The Gaza Strip is 139 square miles, about twice the size of Washington, DC
  • The West Bank is 2,263 square miles, or slightly smaller than Delaware
  • Together these disputed lands make up about 2,400 square miles, or roughly 30% of Israel
  • This amount of land represents 0.042 of 1% of current Arab land

YET Arabs continue to demand that this land be given to them.

It does not make sense. It does not add up. It is not logical or rational.

About the land?

Clearly it is not really about the land. They have no need of the miniscule pieces of land they’re killing for.  No, it boils down to the Arab belief that Israel does not have the right to exist as a nation. It further boils down to the Arab Muslim belief that Israel is the enemy and needs to be exterminated altogether. With this bottom-line reality, it is evident that no amount of “land for peace” will succeed in resolving the conflict between Israelis and Gazans. The land is not truly what they want. They want Israel and Jewish People eliminated entirely.

Only God can effectively combat such hatred. Please pray for His call and the work of His Spirit to be received in the hearts of everyone involved in both Israel and Gaza. Indeed, and in the world.

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