After two days of Israel defending herself from the heavy rocket fire of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a fragile peace was brokered late last week on Thursday morning.

While the numbers still aren’t confirmed, it’s estimated that over 400 rockets were fired along Israel’s southern border.]

Of the rockets fired toward Israel since the conflict erupted early last week, an estimated 90% of rockets heading toward residential areas were intercepted by the Iron Dome. In addition, we’ve also heard that 60% of the rockets that were not intercepted fell in open areas where they caused neither injury nor damage.

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Even in light of the possibility that violence could be halted, the situation is still tense. Israeli schools within the area remained closed last Thursday. And non-essential work was prohibited. These restrictions have since been lifted.

But the IDF remains on high alert. We’ve heard reports of increased troop deployments along the Gaza border fence – along with a number of artillery batteries and tanks.


The days ahead will be critical. And not just in terms of the conflict in Gaza.

In the midst of a tense week in Israel, Blue and White leader Benny Gantz has announced that he is unable to form a coalition government. Talks with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud coalition to form a unity government were unsuccessful.

We can almost certainly expect the third round of elections – which no one wants. The results will likely be the same as the last two elections.

Even more so, nobody wants a third round of elections amidst the threat of war.

This is why we need to continue to stand and support Israel and the Jewish people through our prayers…


Please join us as we pray for God to:

  • Protect Israel and her people amidst the terror threats and the threat of war from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Iran

  • Give wisdom and discernment to Israeli leaders as they seek political unity amidst the prospect of war
  • Instill peace and protection to Israel and her people during this time of uncertainty
  • Move in the hearts and minds of world leaders, Israel’s enemies and the Jewish people, to help them see to the truthfulness of Jesus’ Messiahship – the Prince of Peace

As a Believer in Jesus, I hope you’ll go beyond prayer and put your support into action by giving a generous gift to stand with the Jewish people – in Israel and around the world.

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