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Messianic Jewish Family Bible

Daniah Greenberg | January 1–7, 2018

One of your favorite guests returns to inspire you about the treasures found in God’s Word. Daniah Greenberg, president of the Messianic Jewish Family Bible, discusses the Tree of Life Version of the Bible and what other translations leave out. See what you’re missing.


Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson | January 8–14, 2018

Prophecy expert Paul McGuire and award-winning investigative journalist Troy Anderson join Jonathan Bernis to discuss their new book Trumpocalypse. Find out the reason behind the fierce opposition to President Donald Trump and why those behind it will stop at nothing to see it end.

Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures – The Lord My Shepherd, Part 1

Danny Ben-Gigi | January 15–21, 2018

Hebrew language expert Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi joins Jonathan Bernis to show you how easy it is for you to begin confessing the Holy Scriptures in the holy language of Hebrew. Jonathan reveals his latest book in the Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures series, The Lord My Shepherd – an encouraging look at the qualities of our Shepherd God.

Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures – The Lord My Shepherd, Part 2

Danny Ben-Gigi | January 22–28, 2018

Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi returns for Part 2 of his discussion with Jonathan Bernis about the power of confessing the Scriptures and how you can learn to recite them in the Hebrew language.



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