Have you heard about the miracle of the medical missions supplies? Okay, maybe not. Most of us are familiar with the story in the Gospels where Yeshua (Jesus) was moved by compassion and reached out to heal and minister to the many thousands of men, women, and children who followed Him.  When they got hungry, His disciples suggested Yeshua send the people away so they could go to the villages and get food. Instead, Yeshua told His disciples, “You give them something to eat.” (See Luke 9 12-17.)

One problem:  there was barely enough food for one hungry family, let alone the village-sized mass of folks assembled around them.

The tiny portion of provisions, when brought by the disciples to Yeshua as He requested, became enough – in fact more than enough.  He modeled dependence on the Father, expectant gratitude, and active faith. And the multitude experienced the miraculous outcome, not only with their eyes, but with their hungry tummies as well.

What does the story of loaves and fishes have to do with medical missions?

123Our Global Outreach Team recently experienced their own version of a loaves and fishes miracle that they can only attribute to the multiplication factor brought about by a God who is able to provide both in circumstances of abundance and lack.

Our medical equipment had arrived in-country in plenty of time for the clinic, but was being held in customs on vague technicalities.  We had prayed and prayed for it to be released in the days prior to the Outreach, knowing that medical missions are a little challenging without medical supplies! However, we knew that this clinic was the Lord’s, and it was His compassion, power, and provision we are dependent upon, with or without supplies.

Ingredients for a miracle

1234We did have the raw material for miracles on hand, however: an extremely limited amount of supplies “left over” from one of our previous medical missions … mixed with the faith to act in spite of appearances. The straggling supplies were brought out, and much to our amazement, seemed to multiply into “more than enough.” With them we were able to minister to and treat almost 3,000 people in those first two days of our medical mission, until the shipment was finally released and brought onsite!

God’s provision does not always come when or how we expect. Could He have provided breakthrough at Customs in a more “timely” fashion, releasing the large shipment of supplies into our hands before the Outreach began? Of course! But He chose instead to reveal Himself as Compassionate Provider in the midst of our lack. He chose the means by which to answer our prayers – as He always does when we look to Him and step out in faith – and we got to see His faithfulness on display in fresh ways.

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