The man moved skillfully across the field. The uneven earth he traveled was packed hard, more dirt than grass. He wore white tennis shoes on his feet – and blue sandals on his hands. He’d learned to walk on his hands and feet long enough ago that he was adept at his squatting shuffle. The plastic slide-ons were burnished smooth by the heels of his hands rather than his feet. One of these “walking gloves” had broken off short with use. What remained had torn apart by the ill-fitting pressure of his hands bearing against the edges and was stitched back together with coarse thread.

man with sandales

He’d grown accustomed to traveling like this, close to the ground, far below those who only need two feet to walk. He seemed remarkably content and even offered a Line Management worker a quiet smile as he inquired about directions.


He’d given up hope for his legs. He came to the Jewish Voice Ministries (JVMI) Medical Clinic in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia, for his eyes. He rested a moment until another worker arrived to lead him to the Eye Department.


Then, he took off following his guide who radioed ahead that they were coming. There, he received compassionate care and treatment by the medical professionals serving on the Debre Birhan, Ethiopia, Outreach. What a remarkable man who endures incredible hardship. With patched trousers, and requiring all four limbs to get around, he navigates an impoverished life from knee-high to the rest of the world. Does he have a family? How does he make a living? Is he employed? Or is he consigned to begging on the streets like many of our Outreach Clinic patients? Does he get enough food? Is he mistreated?


We cared for nearly 16,000 patients in the five-day 2018 Clinic in Debre Birhan Medical Outreach. With such a tremendous scope of work, it’s impossible to learn all of the stories we long to know. But God knows each one. He loves each person dearly, and we can pray that, as they received the love of Yeshua, prayer and hope at the JVMI Medical Clinic, they come to faith in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).

We hope you’ll join us in this prayer, and lift up the 15,919 people treated in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia – including the man who wears tennis shoes on his feet and sandals on his hands.


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