The second of our 2014 medical missions is underway in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Primarily an eye and dental clinic we are also able to see some general medical patients. Addis Ababa is the largest city in Ethiopia with a population of about three million. In the impoverished community called Kechene we are meeting and serving people who have no opportunity of seeing a doctor, going to a dentist, or obtaining eyeglasses apart from the missions trips of Jewish Voice Ministries.


Medical missions volunteers treat all ages

On Monday, clinic volunteers met a little boy whose eye was swollen shut. Enbalchocho is his name and he was stung by a bee three days before. His mother, Amonyish, brought him in along with her two other children and our medical mission volunteers treated his eye. On Tuesday we found


Enbalchocho playing in the street with some friends, his eye already showing improvement.

Outside the clinic, children gather every day. The big event of a JVMI medical mission brings curiosity and excitement. Volunteers can often be seen talking to and playing with children during the moments waiting for the shuttle bus to fill up and take them “home” to the hotel. Tuesday’s fun found Rabbi Matt showing photos on his iPad to Enbalchocho and his friends. They were fascinated!  Another volunteer, Jon, brought happy smiles playing “give me five” with the boys.friends, his eye already showing improvement.


Actions speak volumes

This kind of kindness and fun is soaked up by the beautiful children of Kechene. We bring more than medical care to this community. We bring a message that says “you are important.” Love. It is a soothing salve to neglected and weary souls, young or old. And the greatest love we offer is the love of Yeshua Messiah, the one who brings eternal life. Enbalchocho’s family believes in Yeshua. Won’t it be great to meet them someday in heaven!


You don’t have to be a medical professional to go on JVMI medical missions. Our missions trips have several non-medical roles to fill and they are a vital part of each outreach. Check out our article from February 2014, JVMI Medical Missions: A Place for Non-Medical Volunteers and visit the Medical Outreach page of our website.


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