DSC_0140-sm-cr The JVMI team of medical and non-medical volunteers arrived safely in Ethiopia for our first medical mission of the year in Woliso. The team arrived in Addis Ababa, the capitol city of Ethiopia, on Saturday. After a day of rest and orientation they headed to Woliso, a town about 70 miles from Addis consisting of a population recorded in 2007 to be around 38,000 people.

As the big bus made its way on the road to Woliso, our refreshed and excited team received waves from many locals along the way. Though the clothing is colorful, it is often dirty and tattered, revealing the poverty that these people live with every day. Homes of faded gray wood and thatched roofs sprinkle the landscape. Banana trees provide one of Ethiopia’s staple foods.


Water is always a problem for the needy in Ethiopia. “Running water” for them frequently means a public stream or small canal where drinking water is often the same as water used for laundry and bathing. This week as we serve the medical and dental needs of the people of Woliso, we will also be teaching them about the prevention of waterborne illnesses. Along with this much-needed instruction, we are distributing a unique personal water filtration device that delivers up to 1,000 gallons of clean, healthy drinking water per device. That’s almost four years worth of safe water to drink! On previous mission trips in Ethiopia, these classes and the distribution of LifeStraws® were met with overwhelming enthusiasm and gratitude. We are certain it will be the same this week in Woliso. Simple education about cleanliness of hands and face is so appreciated by a people to whom sickness can easily become life threatening. We are thrilled to help bring them better health through clean water and understanding of waterborne illnesses.


As the week continues, we value your prayers for our team and for the Ethiopian people who will receive compassionate medical care. When we choose a site for one of our mission trips, we do so with the “Lost Tribes of Israel” in mind. However, we don’t just treat the Jewish People of a community. We treat anyone who comes to us. After they have been treated they are invited to our prayer room where they have the opportunity to hear the Good News of Yeshua and receive Him in faith. Our medical care brings earthly healing and comfort, but it is Yeshua who offers an eternity of hope.

Take a look at our 2014 schedule of medical mission trips on the Medical Outreaches page of our website. These life-giving clinics are not possible without people like you praying, donating, and volunteering.

Why not come with us on one of our upcoming outreaches? Pray, plan, and come along! There’s a vital role waiting for you on any of our JVMI medical missions!

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