God Rescues and Protects

With 10 incredible plagues and the parting of the Red Sea, God intervened to deliver Israel from their bondage to Egypt. He stepped in and saved His people, pulling them out of a bad situation and freeing them to live on for Him. In various ways, He does the same for us today.

Most likely, each of us can think of a time when God rescued us from trouble and protected us from harm. Some may have dramatic stories, like coming through an auto accident without injury or escaping a dangerous situation by what you realize later was supernatural intervention. 

While we don’t often need such spectacular deliverances, every day God provides quiet rescues from what could have been. Of all the times each of us has traveled in a car, how many of them did not end in an accident? Of all the children who have dangled from tree limbs, how many have not fallen? How many hours have passed without mishap? The uneventful events in our lives are displays of God’s grace as much as the fantastic ones. It is valuable to remember them with thanks.

In Philippians 4:8, God tells us to dwell on the good, excellent, and honorable things in life. This instruction is for our benefit because it lifts our spirits, calms our hearts, and sets our focus on God as the provider of all good gifts.

Spend some time today looking back at ways God has rescued or protected you in your life, and express your gratitude to Him. You could write them in a journal and add to it as your life story continues. Reviewing from time to time will help you practice one of God’s persistent instructions to us: remembering what He has done. 

Passover Prayer for Day 4

Thank You, God, for Your Hand of rescue in my life. Thank You for the countless good things You have done for me. Remind me, amid ordinary days, to be grateful and give You thanks for the multitude of ways You have shown me Your love and protected me.

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