God Gives Us Landmarks to Remember

When Israel was coming into the Land He gave them, they faced much opposition, and they were often afraid. Over and over, God told them not to fear but remember what He had done as He freed them out of Egypt. 

Each of us has landmarks in our personal histories. Some milestone moments relate to the physical world, while others pertain to our spiritual lives. God is intimately involved in our spiritual journeys. As we follow Him, we can look back on particular challenges or needs around which He taught us something bigger than we could grasp before.


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God is active in our lives and has many ways of creating landmark moments for us. Take time today to think about some of these moments in your life when He met you in unique ways. Maybe He helped you trust Him through a difficult season. Perhaps He pointed out specific Scriptures just when you needed them most. Or maybe there was a time when He conveyed His tremendous love for you straight into your heart.

What kind of spiritual milestones do you have marking your path with God? Thank Him for them and let them strengthen your faith today and tomorrow.

Passover Prayer for Day 5

Thank You, Father, for loving me and taking me on this great journey with You. Thank you for the landmarks You’ve highlighted along the way. Help me to look back on them and receive encouragement and strength for today and tomorrow because of the awesome things You did for me yesterday and will continue do for me today and forever. Thank you that You are with me. Thank You that You fully know me and meet me where I am with what I need. 

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