God Gives Us Hope for Today

On Passover night in Egypt, the Hebrew slaves were told to eat their meal in haste. They were to be dressed and ready to go, with shoes on and staff in hand. They were to expect God to show up for them at any moment. God wants us to live with that kind of expectancy of Him every day. He is always reaching out to us, always giving, always ready to interact with us. 

How do we live with expectancy for this day? Remembering how God has “shown up” for us in the past is one way of igniting in us an expectant hope for today. 

God promises we will find Him if we search for Him with all our hearts (Jeremiah 29:13).  He is always calling our hearts to Him – each day, throughout the day. He often calls softly, in ways we could easily overlook if we are not attuned to Him. The song of a bird. The warmth of the sun. Making that green light. A kind word from someone. All of these types of moments offer us the opportunity to connect with God. All of them are gifts from His hand.

Each day is new. Ask God for eyes to see Him in the expressions of His love that He has in store for you today.

Develop your sense of expectancy by asking God: What special gifts might You have for me today, Lord? In what ways will You call my name to draw my attention to You? How do You want to meet me today? What everyday gifts from Your hand do You want me to notice today? The anticipation of meeting Him in small ways will give you hope for the day.

Passover Prayer for Day 7

Father, thank You so much for how You love me! Give me eyes to see expressions of Your love I’ve been overlooking. Thank You that You want to meet with me through Your designated Feasts like Passover. Show me how to meet You in the various moments of my today. Teach me how to recognize You and thank You for Your presence and hope every day.

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