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A miraculous thing happened during our recent Jewish Voice Medical Outreach in Gutu, Zimbabwe.  Typically, we run out of hours in a day before we can see all the patients.  

However, on three consecutive days, God enabled the medical team to treat every person who came to us.

And what medicine couldn’t do, many times, God did through miracles.

One woman limped into the Prayer Tent on an injured leg. Even so, her face beamed with a huge smile. “I’m so happy to be here,” she said. “The last time you came to Gutu, I was blind. You prayed for me, and now, I can see! Please pray for my leg.” Outreach partners prayed for her, and the woman left dancing.

Thank you for being a vital part of these life-changing events, and so much more.

Gutu, Zimbabwe

Medical Outreach

  • 12,948 Total Patients Served, including:
    • 1,719 dental patients treated
    • 67 minor surgeries performed
    • 1,651 eyeglasses distributed
  • Clean Water Project
    • 47 Family LifeStraws® delivered
  • Zehra Kids Program
    • 613 children took part at the Clinic
    • 383 children participated in their schools
  • Spiritual Care Program
    • 3,663 people visited the Prayer Room
    • 297 accepted Yeshua as Messiah


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