A new study released yesterday by the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies revealed that Israel's elderly population suffers from the highest poverty rate of any nation in the developed world. The way the pension system in Israel is structured contributes to the problem, according to the report which described the situation this way: “Israel’s low old-age allowances and limited access to income supplements contribute to its relatively higher rates of disposable income poverty.”

Only one in four elderly Israelis is currently receiving supplemental income assistance. Those who need to receive assistance from the government find that very stringent requirements—no ownership of land or property, very low savings and no car ownership—must be met before they are even considered for help.

There are enormous needs among the people of Israel today, especially the very old who have little means of improving their situation. Most of the elderly poor are physically unable to work, and many of them have no family members in Israel to help care for them in their old age. This is particularly true for those who are Holocaust survivors. In many cases they are the only members of their families to have survived.

Today Jewish Voice is working hand in hand with more than two dozen ministries inside Israel to help meet needs like this—touching the lives of the poor with the love of Yeshua. This year we are working to increase these outreaches in light of the urgent needs facing the poor of Israel. Your contribution today will allow us to do even more to help the hurting, the hungry and the hopeless—and share the Good News with them.

God continues to open wonderful doors of ministry for us, and I want you to know how much we appreciate your willingness to stand with us in this vital work. Thank you for being a friend of Jewish Voice...and of the Jewish People. God bless you for reaching out in love and compassion to those in need.

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