Muslims Aim to Take Temple Mount, the Most Sacred Site for the Jewish People, Piece-By-Piece 

There’s no place on Earth that holds more meaning or sacred significance to the Jewish people than the Temple Mount.

The Temple Mount is where Abraham prepared to offer his son Isaac in obedience until God stopped him and provided a substitute sacrifice (Genesis 22). One thousand years later, King David purchased the threshing floor of Araunah on this same spot (2 Samuel 24) and designated it to be the site for the Temple that would become a permanent habitation for the presence of God among the Jewish people.

It is also the site of the Second Temple that stood in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) day, where the promised Messiah walked, taught and worshipped.

Only the overwhelming force of invading armies has ever been able to drive the Jews from that rocky, sacred hill... and then, only temporarily.

The Babylonians, the Romans, the Crusaders and finally the Muslim hordes have all tried. But each time, the Jewish people have been drawn back to their historic, God-granted place of origin.

For 4,000 years, the Temple Mount has served as the geographic focal point for the Jewish people.

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And yet, since 1948, it has been illegal for Israel’s Jewish citizens or pilgrims to pray on that site. In fact, Jewish presence, on their own sacred site, is barely tolerated. And many times, it’s not without incident.

Jews are banned by Israeli law from praying at the site. And those who visit are often accosted by Muslims.

Riots erupt on Temple Mount

During the June 1 Jerusalem Day celebration in Israel, the Jewish people remembered the cost and God’s faithfulness in the Six Days War, when they took back control of the Old City, reunifying Jerusalem.

And while the Jewish people have been typically forbidden to enter the Temple Mount area, they were given special access for Jerusalem Day memorials and commemoration.

Arabs and other Muslims rioted, throwing stones, chairs, anything they could get their hands on. Once police and Israeli forces dispersed the crowds, many Jews were able to enter and pray.

The reality is, Muslims and Arabs are intent on wresting control of the Temple Mount from the Jewish people. The Jerusalem Day riot is just one small example. In 1967, when the Jews won back the Old City, there was only one Mosque in the Temple Mount area. Today, there are five.

Muslims convert holy site into Mosques

But Islamic Officials, without permission, aim to announce and consecrate historic areas within the Temple Mount as Mosques. By doing this, nobody would be allowed to visit those areas. And nobody would be allowed to pray, or appear as though they’re praying, unless they’re Muslim.

Earlier this year, after an outbreak, the Gate of Mercy fell into the hands of Muslim officials who began the process of converting it into a mosque. The area had been shut down since 2003 because it had been used for radical Islamic activity.

But officials have done nothing. And to tell the truth, aside from all-out war and violence, there’s little they can do. Tensions are extremely high.

The world is radically opposed to Israel’s claims in Jerusalem and their ownership of the Temple Mount. Officially, Islamic authorities deny a Jewish temple ever existed.

This is the reality for the Jewish people: To have a sacred, holy place that belongs to them in their midst, but to not have the freedom to pray within or around it. Rather, they’re forced to watch as those who would do anything to destroy them take over their holy site piece-by-piece.

Stand with Israel through your prayers and support

Because you’re a friend and supporter of Israel, I hope you’ll join me in praying for the Jewish people. That God will return the Temple Mount, the Jews’ most sacred site, back to the Jewish people.

And as a Believer in Jesus, you know the Temple Mount and its return to the Jews also has prophetic implications – the rebuilding of the third temple and the ultimate fulfillment of God’s redemption.

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