You helped deliver HOPE in Masvingo

Zimbabwe has recently been wracked with increased hardship – through political and social upheaval, escalating economic downturn, and devastation in certain areas caused by tropical cyclone Idai. When we went to Masvingo, Zimbabwe, earlier this year, our desire was to bring hope. And the Lord was faithful to allow that hope to break through. 

The care He enabled us to offer was outstanding, breaking a record for the most patients we’d ever served in Zimbabwe: 12,593 in the five-day Clinic. Please pray that each one of these individuals knows they were cared for in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) name. 

The vision team on this Outreach distributed 1,840 pairs of eyeglasses. We pray that each one will enable the wearer to read God’s Word and see that Yeshua is their Savior. Also, the medical team performed 62 minor surgeries, and 1,437 people received dental care. The Clinic gave much reason to rejoice. Not only did the services improve patients’ quality of life, but we also had the privilege of witnessing the quantity of life increase - one new life made his appearance when a baby boy was born during the week. 

Children have a big presence at our Outreaches. We were so blessed to engage with 1,025 of them during the week through the Zehra Kids program. In Zehra Kids, we provide engaging activities and scriptural content for children who are at the Clinic. It gives us great joy to love so many children in this way. 

You helped bring HEALING and LIFE

In the water education tent, 3,438 people received Individual LifeStraw®filters to provide healthy drinking water for a year. The spiritual care team met with 2,041 people who visited the prayer tent to receive ministry. Team members prayed for their physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Many people left unburdened from the cares and issues that had weighed them down when they came in, and 248 testified to faith in Yeshua, receiving the precious gift of salvation in Him. 

Prayer Tent Testimony from Our Spiritual Affairs Manager: 

A lady came to the Masvingo Clinic suffering from severe knee pain that kept her from doing her daily tasks at home. After seeing the doctors, she came to our counseling and prayer tent. This woman was not a Believer, so we shared the Gospel with her. She did not accept Yeshua as her Savior that day. We offered to pray for her, and we asked the Lord to heal her and reveal Himself to her. The next day, she came back with an exciting story. She explained that she woke up that morning feeling no pain at all. She was shocked. She had already tended to her daily chores and even worked in her garden. She was so overwhelmed that God had healed her that she came back to receive Yeshua and her Lord and Savior. Amazing! We led her in prayer, and a new sister in Messiah was added to our numbers.  

Be encouraged, prayer warrior – this testimony reveals that your labors in prayer are not in vain! 

Your prayers laid the foundation for UNITY

Last but not least, the Lord clearly heard your prayers for unity within our team, and He profoundly answered them. Our team of staff and Outreach Partners included Israelis, Koreans, Ethiopians, Americans, and others, speaking their native tongues but communicating in the language of God’s Kingdom – love. This melding of languages and cultures could have been difficult, but instead, everyone worked together beautifully like the loving family of God that they are.

How you can continue to pray for Zimbabwe

Our next Outreach in Zimbabwe is still a few months away. In the meantime, please pray for: 

  • Unity among Believers in Zimbabwe as they come together for prayer and worship on behalf of their nation 

  • Supernatural capacity for the leaders of Zimbabwe’s many congregations as they care for their own families, shepherd their congregations and encourage outreach to their neighbors amid national hardship 
  • Effectiveness in following up with those who came to Yeshua during the Outreach as well as others who asked for someone to come visit with them 
  • Ongoing favor for Jewish Voice in Zimbabwe as well as other locations in southern Africa where we believe the Lord is calling us to reach out to the Lemba people and their neighbors 

We pray:

 Father, amid the challenges of ministering in difficult times and circumstances, You show Yourself faithful. Thank You for all You did during the Masvingo Outreach and the fruit that will remain there as a result. May our unity continue as we lift You up in praise and come to You in prayer. We love you, Lord. In Yeshua’s name, Amen.

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