Hani isn’t her real name, but her experience is real. She was just 17 years old. Our hearts were broken, because there wasn’t a thing we could do for her medically.

But we did the one thing we can always do -- we prayed that God would heal her. Hani and her father prayed a simple prayer too, placing their faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah.

We weren’t sure we would ever see them again. That was troubling. The seizures were taking a toll on Hani. They came at the worst possible times. Each time, a little more of Hani’s life was stolen from her.

And then God did the impossible. The very day of Hani’s visit to the prayer tent, the awful seizures suddenly stopped.

Isn’t that just God’s way? He steps into our lives when there are no solutions. He rescues His people when all other hope is lost.

With this year’s celebration of Passover just around the corner, I’m reminded of God’s people held captive in Egypt and how hopeless they must have felt -- even though deliverance was literally knocking at their doors.

Long before, they’d been displaced from their homeland by famine. Eventually, oppressive rulers enforced a brutal regime of slavery, misery and death upon them. Their children were slaughtered. And they lived under constant threat of violence.

But God sent a deliverer. The Israelites were set free from captivity. They made their way toward the Promised Land.

They had reason to celebrate. But how much more we have to celebrate today.

You and I have been delivered from a bondage even greater than the one that enslaved the ancient Hebrews. Yeshua, our Passover Lamb, has been sacrificed for us (1 Corinthians 5:7). Sin, sickness and death no longer hold us captive.

This year, Hani and her family will celebrate with us.

That’s because, while they were still on their way home from the Clinic, her father noticed something amazing. Hani hadn’t had a seizure since the counselors in the prayer tent had prayed for her. By the next day, when more than 24 hours had gone by without a seizure, the whole family was talking.

Before her father knew it, 12 of Hani’s relatives had piled into a taxi. They rushed back to the Clinic, determined to learn more about this Jesus they’d heard about from Hani and her father.

That day, all 12 came to faith in Messiah.

I know that must thrill your heart. And it should, because you had a part in Hani’s story. Without faithful friends like you, there would have been no Medical Clinic in Woliso, Ethiopia, for Hani and her father to turn to in their desperation.

Without you and other partners, there would have been no prayer tent, no counselors . . . and no prayer of faith to the God who answers with MIRACLES of deliverance.

And yet, I’m writing to you today because there is still great need among Jewish people living in remote parts of Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and other parts of the world.

Life can be very difficult for these scattered descendants of the “Lost Tribes of Israel.” Most are terribly poor, with little or no access to clean water, basic medical or dental care, and so many other essentials.

Many have not heard the Good News that Jesus, their Messiah, wants to give them new lives.

God has called Jewish Voice to show His love to these, His people, by providing:

  • Access to clean, life-giving water
  • Basic medical care for people who may never get to see a doctor otherwise
  • Dental care that alleviates pain and can save lives threatened by infection
  • Care for vision problems such as cataracts, trachoma and vitamin A deficiency -- restoring sight to many who were blind

Any one of these things can turn a life completely around. But that’s only the beginning, because every patient we serve also has the opportunity to receive prayer and hear the Good News.

For many, like Hani, that’s when true healing begins. But again, none of this can happen without the prayers and support that you and our other partners provide.

That’s why I’m asking you to give generously today to help provide physical and spiritual healing for God’s chosen people who are scattered around the world.

Won’t you help provide the Passover deliverance they long for? It costs only$30 per person to provide medical, dental or eye care services at one of our Jewish Voice Medical Clinics, which includes the life-saving water they need through provision of a personal LifeStraw filtration device.

Here’s what it means to you . . .

  • Your gift of $60 will provide care for 2 people
  • Your gift of $120 will help 4 people
  • Your gift of $180 will help heal 6 people

Your prayer will make it possible to meet the urgent physical needs of Jewish people and their neighbors -- like medical care, dental care, vision care and clean water. But all of this will be just the first step to sharing the Good News with them. Thank you again and God bless you!

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