Events are moving quickly in the Middle East, and in troubling directions. 

The extremist Islamist forces of ISIS have seized complete control of all border crossings between Iraq and Syria, and at least one border post between Iraq and Jordan. This vicious military force is perilously close to eliminating any meaningful border distinctions between those three nations.

Even more troubling is the reality that instability in Jordan puts ISIS on Israel’s eastern border. This couldn’t come at a worse time for Israel, as the entire nation is gripped by concern and anger at the kidnapping of three Yeshiva students in Judea and Samaria almost two weeks ago. 

Meanwhile, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) chose this moment to pour salt in Israel’s wounds. Last Friday, the governing body of the denomination voted to divest from several major companies that do business with the government of Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu called the move “disgraceful.”  

There are roughly 200 nations in the world. Many of these are brutal dictatorships and oppressive authoritarian regimes that routinely commit or sanction atrocities. Some are active sponsors of terrorism. Yet this body of American Christians was compelled to single out tiny, democratic Israel for sanction and condemnation.

This move makes the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) the first major U.S. denomination to join the worldwide BDS movement against Israel. Regarding the BDS movement and the U.N.’s role in it, a National Review magazine editorial recently observed:

“If Israel did not exist, the United Nations might not have much to do. Last year the General Assembly adopted 25 resolutions against particular countries. Twenty-one of those resolutions were against Israel; the other four were against Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Burma. Not since the apartheid regime in South Africa has a country been so stigmatized by the world. And foes of Israel, of course, promote the lie that Israel is an ‘apartheid state.’”

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