As we step into 2020, we understand that effectively sharing our unchanging message might call for changing or developing new methods for sharing it. Please pray with us as we focus on key aspects of our Global Ministries strategies and invite the Lord to speak to and work through us this year.

Please pray for:

  • Open doors and favor that will enable us to consistently offer spiritual care as part of our Outreaches
  • The center of every Outreach opportunity to remain reaching people with the Good News of Yeshua (Jesus)
  • Discernment and timing in testing new models that may help us in bringing the never-changing Gospel message to both new and familiar locations
  • The ability to reach large numbers of Jewish people as well as their neighbors
  • Many Jewish people to come to know Jesus as Messiah and Savior through this work
  • Messianic congregations (the establishment of new and strengthening of existing) that will support the fruit of our Outreaches and take the message of life in Jesus to their families and communities
  • Local Messianic Jewish congregations to develop into growing national movements
  • Existing congregations in each location to partner with us in our Outreach efforts
  • The Lord to help the Church recognize the priorities of sharing the Good News with Jewish people and encouraging the retention of Jewish identity, as Believers and as communities of faith

Thank you for your over-arching prayers for Jewish Voice Ministries and your specific prayers for each Outreach and initiative we share with you along the way. We look forward to our partnership with you this new year as together we watch what the Lord will do in answer to our prayers.

We pray:

LORD, we believe that some of the obstacles we face in life and ministry are merely opportunities in disguise, and we are eager to pursue You through them. Help us see clearly what You are saying, where You are guiding, and how You want us to follow. We are confident in the mission and vision You have called us to because we know it is Your heart: to see all Israel saved and see Jewish and Gentile people come into the fullness of their identity in You. We are expecting great things this year and fully rely on You to lead the way. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

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