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With the Israeli security cabinet meeting today, and the topic of debate centering on either expansion or calling a halt to the ground offensive, the Times of Israel reports that most of the Hamas cross-border tunnels have been found and are being demolished as Day 23 of “Operation Protective Edge” comes to a close.

Heavy Israeli strikes on Gaza were the order of the day, including allegations of an Israeli shelling of a UN school, with 15 reportedly killed, despite Israeli warnings to Palestinian civilians to evacuate the area. This following the devastating blow that left Gaza’s over-crowded 1.7 million people cut off from power and water since Monday.  The Hamas-run “Gazan health officials” put the Palestinian death toll at over 1,300. Contrary to the Hamas misinformation machine, Israel confirms that hundreds of those were Hamas fighters and not civilians.

Rocket alert sirens wailed in the Jerusalem hills for the first time in several days as rockets flared at various locations in Israel, including the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. The Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted a rocket over Beit Shemesh. As Hamas aimed rocket fire at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, among other towns and villages nationwide, Israel and Hamas were both reportedly considering ceasefire moves.

Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister Netanyahu

No further confirmation came from either side that the end to the conflict was imminent, but Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said that Israel needed to leave the current operation in Gaza with a clear victory. Israel must not just “try its best,” he said, “but to end Operation Protection Edge with a decisive victory.”

As Israel’s security cabinet remains “in session,” Prime Minister Netanyahu “does not want to significantly expand the ground offensive,” the Times of Israel continued. International criticism is growing and even British officials are quoted as warning Israel that it is “undermining its support in the West with its military action.”

The action Israel has been forced to take is necessary for the security of the nation. “I can’t think of a more just war,” Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer says, “Hamas is no different than al-Qaeda. You can imagine what the American people would want their government to do.”

Your effectual prayers are needed now for:

  • An end to the tyranny of Islamic Jihad, the constant threats of annihilation directed toward Israel and Jewish People, and recognition of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as the one true God
  • Breakthroughs in the ceasefire negotiations
  • Grieving families who have lost their young sons and daughters
  • Restoration of calm and quiet to the nation sooner rather than later
  • True surrender of hearts and lives to the only real Source of peace—Yeshua (Jesus)

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Source:  IDF Blog (image), The Times of Israel, The Jerusalem Post


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