“I’ve never seen that many people brought in on stretchers!”

That’s what one of our Jewish Voice Global Outreach team members said after last year's Outreach to Mudanda, Zimbabwe. Many makeshift stretchers – over every shape and form – were made from branches or other easily available materials, quickly assembled to help carry the seriously ill to our Medical Clinic for much-needed medical care.

At the same Mudanda Clinic, we also witnessed a number of healings and miracles. The Lord reached out and touched many people in supernatural ways, as well as through the compassionate and skillful attention of our volunteer medical professionals.

We will return to Mudanda this year from August 23–September 2. We’ll encounter many more dear ones with serious illnesses or in need of spiritual healing and deliverance. We also know that our God is always able to do more – even beyond what we ask or pray.

Join us daily in praying for our Mudanda, Zimbabwe Medical Outreach. You can sign up here to be part of our hour-by-hour, day-by-day prayer covering for this Outreach, taking a time slot that suits you and praying from home.


Please pray for:

Wednesday, August 15 through Wednesday, August 22 ‒ Philippians 4:13

* All preparations to be in place in a timely and effective manner; for the Lord to oversee all preparations and also spiritually prepare the staff, volunteers and local partners for this Outreach

* Wisdom and strength for our Zimbabwe partner who, for the first time, will oversee all aspects of our tent and campsite set-up – a huge job!

* Volunteer Outreach Partners as they get ready to leave home and work, packing and preparing for their service in Mudanda

* The Lord to prepare the region to receive a fresh and effective outpouring of the Good News expressed in word and deed

* Protection over each participant and aspect of the Outreach from start to finish including all travel


Thursday, August 23 – Titus 3:1b

* Excellent health, energy and stamina for our Outreach Partners as they travel and through the Outreach, so they will be ready for every good deed

* The Lord to meet with our partners, bringing them shalom, passion and faith to meet every circumstance before them

* Good flights and connections, so that each one and their luggage arrive together


Friday, August 24 – Deuteronomy 31:8

* The Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) to ignite a deep unity today that will prevail throughout the week

* Each participant to be impacted by a clear sense of the Outreach’s purpose and God's passion for His people

* A wonderful and restful Shabbat celebration together as everyone looks expectantly to the Lord for a great week ahead


Saturday, August 25 – Matthew 5:15–16

* Each participant to adapt smoothly to new foods, a different time zone, and camping accommodations

* Shalom and discernment during the process of hiring local workers to assist us throughout the week

* These same local workers to see Yeshua (Jesus) in us, be drawn to learn more and receive Him for themselves


Sunday, August 26 – Colossians 3:23

* A great and clear orientation this morning so everyone is prepared to jump in and work together during our first half-day of the Clinic this afternoon

* All logistics to be in place so the lines and various departments flow smoothly

* The Lord to prepare the people and region with a hunger to encounter Him all week long


Monday, August 27 – Deuteronomy 10:21

* Spiritual wisdom and authority for the Messianic Rabbi who will be leading the prayer and counseling area

* Discernment, stamina and effectiveness for the prayer team as they press into the Lord for His healing power to touch the many who will come for prayer

* An outpouring of miracles, signs, and wonders that confirm the Word, just as we experienced last year in Mudanda


Tuesday, August 28 – Psalm 117:1–2

* Amazing times of worship that enthrone the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in a region with strong witchcraft activity

* Our young Messianic worship leader from the U.S. as she partners with a Lemba choir and leads everyone in lifting up the Lord and shifting the spiritual atmosphere

* Shalom to prevail in the region, as the nation moves forward after its all-important elections at the end of July


Wednesday, August 29 – Proverbs 22:6

* Continuation and growth of the great favor our Zehra Kids Program has experienced in Zimbabwe

* Each child ‒ and every family ‒ to be impacted by the love and care shown to them in Yeshua's name

* Relationships to spark and grow between these Zehra Kids families and local Believers and congregations


Thursday, August 30 – John 1:12

* Continued strengthening and building up of local Lemba leaders through their engagement in the spiritual components of the Mudanda Outreach

* Deeper development of our relationships with non-believing Lemba leaders and community members

* The Lemba people to continue to receive Yeshua, be built up in their faith, and grow in walking out their priestly identity


Friday, August 31 – Psalm 118:15

* Strength to end the week well and see as many patients as possible on this partial last day of medical care

* God to meet with and touch each and every person who comes for care. Whether we’re able to see them or not, we know God sees them and can meet their needs

* A safe tear-down of the Clinic and camping sites and a joyous Shabbat celebrating all the Lord has done this past week


Saturday, September 1 – Matthew 25:23

* Each participant to personally know that the Lord is well-pleased with their service in His name

* A great time of fellowship and fun as partners enjoy local nature and wildlife together

* Each partner to experience rest and renewal ‒ physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally


Sunday, September 2 and onward – Numbers 6:24‒26

* Safe travels home and a peaceful, healthy, energized re-entry into everyday life

* Blessing and effectiveness for the Congregational Overseer in Zimbabwe as he and others connect in a timely way with those requesting follow-up after the Outreach

* Help, protection, and stamina for our team members who remain in Zimbabwe a few extra days to tie up loose ends from the Outreach


We pray:

LORD, we can't contain our joy at the thought of one lost person receiving Yeshua as Savior! How much greater our joy when we hear of the many who will receive Him and also receive healing and medical care through this Clinic. You are the Faithful One, who always does more than we expect and in ways, we can't fathom. We glorify You together. In Yeshua’s name, AMEN.

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