For the first time since President Trump recognized Jerusalem, his chief Middle East peace envoy responded publicly to Palestinian Authority (P.A.) President Mahmoud Abbas’ ongoing attacks on the Trump administration.

In a series of tweets late last week, Jason Greenblatt criticized the Palestinian leader by name for refusing to recognize the Jews’ historic claim to this ancient city, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Quoting a recent speech by Abbas, Greenblatt tweeted, “Pres. Abbas states about Jerusalem: ‘It is Arab, Muslim and Christian,’ and makes no mention of any Jewish ties. Nothing peaceful or productive can come from statements like this.”

Greenblatt continued in three prepared, threaded tweets: “Lasting peace will not be achieved by denying Judaism’s thousands of years of ties to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is holy to Muslims, Christians and Jews.

“Peace can ONLY be based on truth, and what [President Trump] said is the truth: ‘Jerusalem is today, and must remain, a place where Jews pray at the Western Wall, where Christians walk the Stations of the Cross, and where Muslims worship at Al-Aqsa Mosque.’”

This is the first time the envoy has publicly addressed Abbas’ war of words with the Trump administration. The P.A. leader and his aides have criticized every senior administration official involved in the Middle East peace process, including Greenblatt and the president.

Wait and see

Ever since the president’s announcement on Jerusalem, Greenblatt and the rest of the White House have largely avoided responding to the Palestinians’ personal attacks. They appear to instead be hoping their peace plan – which they say is a robust, detailed document, offering specific remedies to the toughest issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – will speak for itself. They believe that it will give the Palestinian leadership a reason to return to the negotiating table.

We’ll have to wait and see.

It’s an important time for us all to be faithful and consistent in our prayers for Israel and the Jewish people there. While the stand to support Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was important – and the right thing to do – it is just one of many things that is stirring anti-Semitism in the Middle East and beyond.

But it is heartening to have our government finally respond to the Palestinians’ outrageous attacks, including Abbas’ absurd accusation last month that Israel’s founding was nothing more than “a colonial enterprise that has nothing to do with Jewishness” and that “everything has been made up.”

We always appreciate your prayers for and support of Jewish people the world over, but especially in Israel during these challenging days.

We’ll no doubt experience many setbacks in the journey toward peace in the Middle East. But we can be confident that God is working His plan for the benefit of the Jewish people and all peace-loving people in the region.

You can help

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Your prayers and your financial support today will make a real difference in their lives.

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