Jewish Voice LIVE with Jonathan Bernis Webcast

 March 13, 2014

8 pm EST

Understanding the Jewish Jesus

with special guest Rabbi Barney Kasdan

Does the Jewishness of Jesus really matter? How does understanding Him in a Jewish context help my personal faith? How can I honor Yeshua’s Jewishness in my own life and worship? Is the New Testament written mostly from a Jewish perspective?

Rabbi Kasdan, Messianic rabbi of Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue in San Diego, has authored numerous articles as well as popular books. He is a frequent speaker on the importance of modern Israel and the Jewishness of Yeshua. His most recent book is an insightful commentary entitled, Matthew Presents Yeshua, King Messiah.

Join us for fascinating information about Yeshua (Jesus) that most people miss!

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