Kechene, Ethiopia Outreach trip starts tomorrow

Could you pray now? And throughout the next week and a half? Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI) is preparing right now to minister in Kechene, Ethiopia, next week through a specialty Medical and Dental Clinic. Your prayers will prepare the way spiritually for this intense week of ministry and undergird our every effort there.

Kechene is a poor urban area within Ethiopia’s capital of Addis Ababa. Thousands of Jewish people known as the Beta Abraham live in this mountainside community. We have been to Kechene several times before to minister the love of Yeshua (Jesus) through humanitarian aid. The need is great in Kechene, and they have been asking us to come back.

The Lord has ordered our steps and opened the way for us to return. The local officials are welcoming. We also have great partners in the local Messianic congregation who will be available to minister to spiritual needs long after we have cared for physical concerns.

Partners begin their travel tomorrow, and the Clinic itself will take place next week.

Please pray for this Outreach using these daily prayer requests. Also, please sign up for a prayer slot on our Outreach Prayer Calendar. Thank you for blessing the people of Kechene through your prayers.

Wednesday, June 12 – Deuteronomy 31:8

  • Last minute packing and preparations as our partners get ready to leave for Africa
  • Our on-the-ground team to have all logistics in place
  • The medical clinic building we are using, to which we have made improvements in the past, will also be ready for a week of steady ministry to lots of people
  • Continued and growing favor with the government, community and region

Thursday, June 13 – Psalm 138:8

  • All staff and volunteer participants to be spiritually prepared to minister whole-heartedly and humbly throughout the week
  • Safe travels to Ethiopia and back – as well as protection traveling between the Medical Clinic and hotel each day
  • Smooth transitions through customs and immigration and all luggage to arrive intact with each passenger

Friday, June 14 – Colossians 4:5‒6

  • As we travel and interact, wherever we go, may we reveal evidence of the life of Messiah through our love and demeanors
  • Relationships and unity to already be forming among our team of staff and volunteers
  • A restful Shabbat dinner together as we begin to adjust to new food, culture, accommodations and sleeping patterns

Saturday, June 15 – 1 Corinthians 14:40

  • Each Clinic team – dental, eye, reading glasses, gynecology, dermatology, chronic illness and minor surgery – to be fully prepared to receive and care for the many patients expected
  • Well organized departments set up to facilitate efficient patient flow from area to area
  • Tonight’s worship and prayer time to set a spiritual atmosphere of faith and joy for the participants undergirding their service all week long

Sunday, June 16 – 1 Corinthians 10:31

  • Each of today’s Clinic orientations to be effective in communicating processes and preparing everyone to work together
  • The Clinic opening around noon today and for order in the lines of people waiting for treatment
  • Each team member to effectively minister the presence and love of Yeshua to all whom the Lord brings our way

Monday, June 17 – Psalm 37:4

  • Daily worship and prayer gatherings to encourage us with the presence of the Lord and His power, bringing breakthrough and energy to meet each day as we watch Him do great things
  • Young team members to encounter the Lord in a personal way as they serve and have their hearts enlarged for Him and His kingdom
  • Each of the numerous first-time Outreach Partners on this trip to be grounded in God’s love, know they are valued, and serve with confidence by the Lord’s Spirit working through them

Tuesday, June 18 – Isaiah 61:1–3

  • Protection all week long against any form of opposition and special grace upon the team on Wednesday as they fast for this purpose
  • The Lord to impact the region for good and His name’s sake through our ministry
  • The Spirit of the Lord spoken of in Isaiah 61 to be upon this Clinic and the ministry of the local congregation, so that the impoverished would receive good news, the brokenhearted be comforted, and captives released from darkness into light

Wednesday, June 19 – Zephaniah 3:17

  • Tonight’s special worship and prayer gathering with the local congregation to bring fresh energy and faith, helping us press in to the Lord and faithfully complete a week of ministry
  • Blessings, strength and favor on this congregation and its leaders with whom we are partnering ‒ that they will continue to be a light for the Good News in their own city and throughout Ethiopia as the Lord leads
  • Favor as they continue to build relationships in the Kechene area and with the people to whom we minister this week

Thursday, June 20 – Mark 6:31

  • A good night’s rest ahead of the last half-day of the Clinic on Friday
  • Safety tomorrow as we pack up Clinic equipment after seeing the last patients

Friday, June 21 – Matthew 25:40

  • Order and shalom as the last patients are seen
  • Each Outreach Partner to know that their work has ministered to the Lord and blessed the people of Kechene

Saturday, June 22 – Luke 8:39

  • A final glimpse of Ethiopia during a day of cultural opportunities and relaxation
  • An evening of testimonies that glorify the Lord and encourage everyone to continue to draw near to Him for the sake of the Jewish people and their neighbors

Sunday, June 23 – Acts 20:24

  • Protection for the staff members staying a few more days to finish up closing details of the Outreach
  • Safe travels home for all Outreach Partners and team members
  • The spread of the Gospel, discipleship of Believers and the growth of congregations in Ethiopia, leading to a national Messianic movement

And it’s not too late to log on to our Prayer Calendar, here, where you can sign up for a time to pray from home for the Outreach.

We are so grateful for your prayers.

We pray:

Lord, what a blessing to be able to minister in Kechene again. May the love of Messiah Yeshua be spread abroad in this area. May the Jewish people and their neighbors here come to know Him personally and follow Him faithfully. May You build up Your Body as You use us to love as Yeshua loved. Thank You for the gift of opportunities to minister during this Clinic and the fruit that will remain in Kechene. In Yeshua’s name, Amen

Would you like more detailed prayer requests for each day of the Outreach?

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