Scripture says, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem."  Why Jerusalem?  Why prayer for Jerusalem’s peace, and not for another world-renowned city?  There are enough of israelthem, and many are in desperate need of peace.  Why not another city in Israel, like Bethlehem, or Nazareth?

No, Jerusalem is the city that is at the center of Psalm 122:6, and the city at the center of all of Scripture.  It is mentioned specifically 1466 times, 806 in the Old Testament and 660 in the New.  This doesn’t take into account the many times it is referred to by synonyms, such as the City of David, the Holy City, and the City of God.

Other than Jeremiah's exhortation to the Babylonian exiles to “seek God for the city” in which they were captive in Jeremiah 29:7, Jerusalem is the only city – in Israel or elsewhere – that Scripture  explicitly tells us to pray for by name.

And it’s the only place where the Jewish People were told to make pilgrimage.  In Deuteronomy 16, the men (with the inference that they would bring their families, as seen in the journey of Yeshua and His family in Luke 4) are told to appear before the Lord during the Feast of Unleavened  Bread (Pesach or Passover), the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot or Pentecost), and at the Feast of Booths (Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles). Where? At “the place of the LORD’s choosing.”

And there it is:  the driving force and heart of the matter.  Jerusalem has always been the place the LORD has chosen.  That is not to say He doesn’t love or have purposes for your town, or for each and every village, community, or metropolitan area on the earth.  But in the historic and eternal purposes of God, Jerusalem was, is, and will ever be, God’s choice.

God calls us to prayer. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: it is the place God has chosen.

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