One tragedy was avoided but unless we join together, another is on the way. 

The Iraqi Jewish Archive is a collection of documents and books representing a community of Jewish People with a 2,500 year old history of living in the nation of Iraq. What is being called a “treasure trove” of artifacts was plundered by the Iraqi government from its Jewish citizens during years of terrible persecution in the late 1940s through the early 1970s.

And these artifacts are about to be returned to the country that stole them!

Thousands of Jewish books, documents, and records were discovered in 2003 in a flooded basement of Saddam Hussein’s secret police headquarters. The US saw the historical value of the archive and agreed to restore and preserve it. According to the agreement made with the provisional government of Iraq, the artifacts are scheduled for return – not to the Jewish People but to Iraq – in June 2014.


US Gov agrees to return treasures to Iraq, not Israel

We cannot let this happen.

There are virtually no Jewish People left in Iraq and to return precious artifacts of Jewish heritage to a nation that hates Israel is an insult to all Jewish People, particularly to those who suffered and fled for their lives from Iraq’s persecution.

If returned to Iraq, there is no telling what will become of these treasures. Speculation leads one to wonder if the archives will be stored away to once again be hidden and neglected or worse, they may be used as bargaining chips in some future demands on Israel.

Add your voice to asking the US government to return this archive to its rightful owners – the Jewish People – not to Iraq who stole them.

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