IDF-tunnel-price-en, Israel, Hamas, tunnels A noteworthy fact: Israel has not completely denied the import of construction materials into Gaza. They have only restricted it because they know Hamas is using it for terrorism. Source (see below): IDF Blog, Copyright usage info, License

One of the chief demands of Hamas and the people of Gaza is that Israel end the long standing blockade imposed against them. The blockade consists of restrictions on travel across the borders into Israel, the amount of building materials allowed into Gaza, a denial of an airport and seaport access.

Gazans complain that the blockade creates a hardship, stifling their economy and development as a region.  While Hamas and other terror organizations spin Israel’s firm commitment to the restrictions as callousness, the truth is, the people of Gaza are suffering because of Hamas.

 Years under Hamas

The Gaza Strip was handed over to the Palestinian people in 1994 and has been governed by Hamas since 2007. Since then Hamas has not used the open borders of trade and commerce to develop their cities and benefit their people. Instead they have spent millions of dollars’ worth of construction materials on the building of terrorist tunnels from which to attack their “enemy,” Israel. In these first seven months of 2014 alone, according to the IDF Blog, ”680 trucks carrying 181 thousand tons of gravel, iron, cement, wood and other supplies have passed through the Kerem Shalom crossing.”

What’s a tunnel worth?

Since the ground campaign began on July 17th the Israel Defense Forces has discovered 32 terror tunnels. IDF estimates each tunnel costs Gaza citizens three million dollars. See yesterday’s blog post, “Who Wants A Ceasefire?” to read about their elaborate construction.

That’s three million dollars that could have been invested in improving conditions and services to the people of Gaza. Three million dollars multiplied by 32 tunnels! (See graphic.) Over 90 million dollars has been spent on hatred rather than responsibility.

The Palestinian people are getting the raw end of the deal, but it is not from Israel. It is by their own leadership who openly declares they value the death of Israel over the life of their own families, women and children. It is painful to see the pictures of death and grief in Gaza during this operation. What is even more heart wrenching is that those who the Palestinians call “the enemy” care more about the Gaza citizenry than their own leadership does.

Hamas has the power and the money to help its people

Hamas spends tens of millions, not to create a region that serves its people, but on pursuing the death of Israelis. So while Gaza cries “Stop the blockade!” and garners outraged support from inadequately informed world sympathizers, Hamas has the power and the money to help its people. But it doesn’t.

A god of hate or a God of love

During one of our medical missions to Africa a year or so ago, a volunteer nurse showed great tenderness and compassion to a sick Muslim woman. Before the clinic ended, the woman returned, much improved in health. She told volunteers about the nurse who cared for her and said, “You people are full of love. My religion is full of hate. I want to know your God.”

As for prayersME conflict day 11 photo 2

There are so many ways to pray right now, so many details of suffering and strategy that need covering – the evil of money and power spent toward hatred of Israel being among them. Please continue praying for all aspects of this war on terror, including safety, wisdom, disarming Israel’s enemies, world support, and for the frightened, traumatized and suffering.

Please also pray for:

  • God to open the eyes of all Israel to the truth of Yeshua (Jesus) Messiah.
  • For God to stir up in the hearts of Palestinians and other Islamic enemies of Israel an insatiable craving for love and for the God of love, and that this would result in thousands coming to know Yeshua.
  • God is good and God is love. He has promised us in Romans 8:28 that He will cause all things to work together for good to those who are Believers in Yeshua.  Pray for good, for spiritual miracles, to come from this situation.

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Source: IDF Blog, Copyright usage info, License

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