Seventy years ago today, “the bravest men America and our Allies had to offer stormed the French coast of Normandy. They did it to defeat the cruel and evil Nazi tyranny. They did it not to conquer but to liberate.”


June 6, 1944 dawned on one of the boldest, most courageous, and unimaginably formidable of assignments. To land on a beach overlooked by cliffs from which the enemy hurled bullets, grenades and death. To scale the sheer cliffs, overtake the enemy, and thereby initiate the dismantling of a hideous, poisonous empire. D-Day.

Courage defined

These had to be some of the bravest men who have ever lived. In the literal sense, courage is defined as the quality that enables a person to face danger without fear. A stronger, perhaps more true-to-life definition explains courage as deliberately choosing to enter into difficulty or danger for a higher good despite one’s fear. Doing the right thing regardless of fear.

They had to be afraid. They had to know the odds. Men storming a beach in perfect view of a fully armed, well-protected enemy. But they did it. As stated in the quote from Joel Rosenberg’s blog today, they did it to liberate.

The reach of one day

The invasion of Normandy wasn’t a one-day event. It involved many days, many missions and thousands of casualties. Today is a day to remember, to honor, and give thanks. The impact of that day, and subsequent days, in gaining a foothold on the monster of Nazism, is enormous.

  • They gained control of a stretch of beach that meant access to the continent of Europe
  • Troops and supplies could then be brought in
  • The march toward Germany began
  • The ultimate goal was accomplished, the defeat of Hitler’s Third Reich
  • Thousands upon thousands of starving, tortured, and deathly ill Jewish People and others were freed from the torment of Nazi death camps
  • After the suffering of the Jewish People in the War, by the power of the United Nations, the State of Israel was born
  • God has been gathering His People back to The Land ever since, in fulfillment of His End Times’ prophecy

History must never forget the cost of rescuing human life and freedom from the clutch of people bent on hatred and consuming power.

WE must never forget.

Nazism grew insidiously. It spread until it became the deplorable monster it was. All along the way, it deceived. Anti-Semitism gained momentum and became the norm. Disparaging sentiments against Jewish People slowly developed into callousness and hatred.

Those who did not have open hatred for Jews did not understand the magnitude of the problem with those who did. They didn’t believe the severity of the situation. Even to the end. German citizens had no idea what heinous cruelties went on behind the walls of internment camps in their own regions. Afterward, Allied forces took them on tours, so they would know. And never forget.

Thank you

Today is a day to honor those who bravely charged the evil monster and snatched a continent, and a world, from its wicked clutches. Today, we thank you, soldiers, for getting up that morning 70 years ago and going into battle for us all. Thank you, loved ones, whose soldiers didn't return. Thank you, every one of you who fought on June 6 th, June 7 th, and beyond to free a continent, a country, and Jewish prisoners. Thank you, men of honor, for your courage.


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