A Lasting Peace

People who live in Israel never know when an attack is going to come. They have to be ready all the time. Since 2001, more than 26,000 rockets have been fired into Israel from Palestinian territory – ...

Jews and Arabs: Bound by a Common History and Destiny

The Middle East conflict is the longest-running conflict in history. Arab-Israeli tensions are observed in Genesis – with Sarah, Hagar and Ishmael – much as they are noted in Revelation, when the unle...

Opening Doors of Opportunity: A Report from Mudanda, Zimbabwe

The atmosphere was charged with a palpable eagerness just before the doors opened at our recent clinic in Mudanda, Zimbabwe.

A New Level of Prophecy

The concept of prophecy developed in stages throughout the Scriptures.The early patriarchs had many direct prophetic encounters with God. Then Moses brought the prophetic experience to a higher level ...

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