Your Appointment with Blessing

You have an appointment. In fact, you have more than one. And since these appointments were set by God Himself, that makes them rather important. Yet many Believers pay little or no attention to them ...

Yeshua and the Fall Festivals: Divine Pictures of Things to Come

Every event on God’s calendar is very important to all Believers in Yeshua. Despite the fact that most Christians have consigned the biblical festivals to a long-forgotten history of the Jewish people...

A Light in the Darkness: Gondar Medical Clinic

In late May, dozens of Jewish Voice staff and volunteers made the long and difficult journey to Gondar, Ethiopia, for a JVMI medical clinic outreach. The response was truly remarkable.

From Jewish Feasts to the Christian Calendar: How (and Why) did it Happen

I grew up in a typical American Jewish home where our family celebrated all the traditional Jewish holidays. Since I came to faith in Yeshua as Messiah during the waning days of the Jesus Movement in ...

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